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From Silicon Valley with Love

News last week was that, for the latest Bond movie, the baddie is to be “a mysterious villain armed with dangerous new technology” and our hero is recruited to rescue a kidnapped scientist.

What can that mean? Will Daniel Craig be searching for someone like the head of Facebook, Apple, Google, Amazon, Tesla, Huawei, or such like, with the captive scientist writing algorithms to take over...

HR - watch out for AI creep in staff assessment systems

We have seen plenty of publicity about how the social media giants can monitor us online and monetise what they find by selling advertising to those who want to reach just such a target market.

Plenty of outrage has been generated by this invasion of privacy. We can marvel or be alarmed at how algorithms can predict our behaviour better than we can ourselves. Digitally we are our own worst...

Surveillance Capitalism puts us on our Marx!

It was some time after people first started using another person’s labour to turn a profit, that the process was termed capitalism, the method by which the few were extracting a ‘labour surplus’ from their workers.

Similarly, some time after the big tech companies, like Google and Facebook, started extracting a ‘behavioural surplus’ from their customers, we have now been given a term for it –...

Corporate loyalty - always a good thing?

A psychologist (Julia Shaw) has pointed to what she calls ‘social contagion’ as a source of harm in a business and company context.

What she means is also known as behavioural contagion – a type of social influence. It has been defined as ‘the propensity for certain behaviour exhibited by one person to be copied by others who are either in the vicinity of the original ‘actor’, or who have...

Power without responsibility

It is the basis of government, seemingly, that politicians in office can leave when they want to. They can resign with immediate effect and they’re off!

Equally, a politician can be summarily dismissed by the PM, just like that, and they’re on their bike with no recourse.

It is the basis of employment that you can’t do either of the above, without notice or justification.

For example, one...


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