Falconbury courses now available at IPI Academy - visit IPI for an updated experience and a broader selection of courses and subjects

Training continues in online webinar format

Amid continuing travel disruption and social distancing measures, we are working hard to provide the training and information our customers rely on:

Online webinar courses now available

Our Spring schedule is now in place. Following success with the online format in the Autumn, we continue to present courses as live webinars.

In-house training

For customers with multiple staff members requiring training, we can tailor a course to your requirements, and deliver either online or on-site.

Online learning

We also have online learning courses available, which you can take at your own pace.


Please also let us know if there are any other courses/formats you are interested in, as we are continuing to explore all options available, and your feedback is important to us. And please do subscribe to ensure you receive the latest information on the courses relevant to you.