FAQs – custom in-house training

Who delivers the training?

The Falconbury team has spent the past 20 plus years developing an international faculty of expert trainers from all areas of industry and commerce. We work closely with you to carefully select the trainer(s) that are the ‘best fit’ for your organisation and training needs.

How much does it cost?

By it’s nature, in-house training is a more cost-effective route to developing your staff simply by not incurring lengthy periods of time out of the office or travelling expenses. Each programme we develop is costed individually depending on what is involved and your specific requirements. If budget is a concern we will work with you to develop a programme that suits both your training needs and your budget.

How does the process start?

Please contact our in-house training department for more information on how we can work with you to help your organisation grow and succeed.

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How do I know you can deliver what you promise?

We have worked very successfully with many organisations from both the private and public sector across the UK and internationally, and are happy to supply case studies and testimonials.

Who are Falconbury?

Our training development team has extensive experience in providing training and consultancy services to the international business community, across many industries. We are an enthusiastic and dynamic team who value the importance of understanding what the client needs and delivering to that specification. We provide training and consultancy services in the form of face-to-face and online training both in-company and open courses, coaching, team building and distance learning.

Where will the training be held?

If you opt for face-to-face training, it can be delivered either at your offices or at an external venue, whichever you decide is more appropriate. If you would like to use an external venue, Falconbury can arrange this for you at an additional fee to suit your budget. This can be organised through your training development consultant when finalising the programme.

We can alternatively deliver your training in online webinar format, in which case your staff can attend from your offices or from their home office.

How many people can be trained at the same time?

This depends very much on the type and style of the programme. For an interactive and practical training programme with one trainer we generally recommend no more than 16 delegates to ensure the quality and personal attention is maintained. There is flexibility to use more than one trainer on a programme, or run two programmes concurrently if your numbers are higher.