Online training during Covid restrictions - our programes continue this spring in online webinar format

Bespoke Online Learning

Falconbury Online Learning is practical applied learning delivered on our unique Learning Management System (LMS).

Our proven online courses are developed by the leading experts in their field, and are delivered via our own web-based learning management system, developed by our in-house team. Courses are delivered through our own website, so require no infrastructure or deployment on the client end; each end user has their own account that they can log into from any location and track their own progress through the course. Interactive elements – self-assessments, quizzes, tests and a final assessment – are based on open web standards and compatible with all modern browsers and mobile devices; content can also be downloaded for offline study.

Courses can be tailored to each client’s requirement, and the client’s training administrator can manage the training by inviting users and tracking their progress. Our head of development would be happy to answer any further specifics on technical implementation directly.

For more information on any of the above please contact our Customer Services team on +44 (0)20 7729 6677 or email us at or use our contact form.

Key Benefits to Bespoke Online Learning

  • A consolidated solution to your training requirements on one easy to use learning platform
  • Learning interface based on web standards – compatible with mobile browsers on iOS, Android (no Flash content)
  • The ability to run effective training initiatives across departments and multiple site locations locally, nationally or internationally
  • Practical and interactive professional development delivered through well considered and up-to-date content
  • An integrated performance tracking system to manage the progress of multiple participants
  • A secure automated record keeping and employee registration training resource
  • An online suite listing registration history, invoices and payments
  • Measurable and quantifiable results at a fraction of the cost of public training

Bespoke online training can be delivered in three different ways depending on your training requirements, budget and timescales.

Option 1 – Corporate and bulk order discounts

Any of our existing programmes can be delivered to large groups of delegates. See below for corporate and bulk order discounts:

  • 1 – Full price
  • 2-15 – 15% discount
  • 16-50 – 20% discount
  • 51-100 – 25% discount
  • 101+ – 30% discount

Option 2 – The branded tailored programme

If you have reviewed the online programmes that we have currently available and feel a combination of the modules would be most appropriate for your learning needs. Any of the modules we have online can be combined to create a bespoke programme the content and length tailored to fit your particular training needs. This programme, accessed through our website but not available to the public, will be fully branded to your organisation and can contain an introduction and summary created by you with tailored final assessment based on the content of you have selected for your branded tailored programme.

There would be a fixed fee to create and deliver the branded programme of £1500 + VAT. Then the multi-user license fees above would apply.

Option 3 – The fully bespoke programme

If you have reviewed the online learning programmes and feel the platform is appropriate for your training needs but would like content developed specifically for you based, for example, on your culture, organisational structure, financial accounts or own contracts. Falconbury has the technical contributors, production and editorial expertise to produce and deliver this for you.

This option is quoted based on individual project requirements.

Coaching element add-on

On any of the options above Falconbury can offer follow-up coaching, either face-to-face, via email or on the telephone for all or selected participants or delivered by one of our highly experienced coaching faculty.

This fee is per participant as follows:

  • 15-30 minute call:
  • 15-minute email:
  • 1 hour face-to-face: £300 + VAT
  • 1 hour telephone coaching – £150 (can be taken in 15/30 minute blocks)

Partner with us

In addition to the above, we also have the following opportunities to partner with you on our online learning courses:

  • Hosted training – if you have your own course material you would like to deliver to your staff, we can format it to our learning management system, to provide you with all the same benefits of our own courses.
  • Sales partner – as above, we can manage your course content – but if you would like to sell your course, we can manage the whole end-user process, from taking payment, to delivering training, and issuing certificates after completion of assessments.
  • Become an affiliate – we offer attractive commission rates for referrals to our online courses. Please click here for more infomation on our affiliate programme.