Online training during Covid restrictions - our programes continue this spring in online webinar format

How Falconbury Online Learning Works

Once you have completed your booking or accepted an enrolment invitation, you are ready to begin learning.

Launching the training interface

If your colleague invited you to join the course, you can launch the training from the 'My enrolments' area of your account. If you bought the training yourself, you can also launch it from 'My enrolments' – and also from the booking itself in 'My bookings'. You'll be taken to the course overview, where you can see your progress through the course, and review any notes, queries, highlights and bookmarks you have made.

Navigating the course outline

The course outline is shown on the left, where you can navigate between all folders/pages of the course. The two buttons allow you to:

  • Expand it horizontally, to see more detail – eg which pages you have bookmarked, your progress on each section;
  • Expand it vertically, to see the entire contents 

Progressing through the training and marking your progress

Use the back and forward buttons on the toolbar at the top and bottom of the page to progress through folders and pages in sequence. Each folder shows you an overview of your activity, and each page shows the actual training content.

Although you'll be able to see which pages you've viewed in the course outline, you follow your own pace by marking each page as completed. As you complete each page, your progress through the course is updated. 

Taking notes, bookmarking and highlighting

The following actions are available for each page of the training using the buttons at the top and bottom of the page:

  • Bookmark – if you want to revisit a page later
  • Highlight – select text on the page and highlight it
  • Jump to – a menu lets you easily skip between headings in the content
  • You can also make notes in the area at the bottom.

The course outline updates to reflect activity on each page, and you can see more details on the overview of each folder.

Completing forms

Depending on the course, some pages will have activities to complete. These might be:

  • Worksheets, where you can make notes for your own reference;
  • Performance monitors, where you can see how well you score in a particular area
  • Self-assessments – where you can record your own answers to questions, and compare them against the suggested or model answers

After filling in a form, you need to save it, to store your answers for future reference. You can reload any saved version of the form to compare your current answers against those you submitted before; and/or use a previous version to alter and save again as a new one.

Activity forms like this are not required to mark the page as completed.

Printing and downloading learning material

If you would like to view your training offline, you can, of course, print any single page. However, when in the overview of a folder, you can also:

  • View the entire content of the folder in a print-ready format , along with your progress indicators and any notes you have made;
  • Download a PDF of the content, again with your own notes.

Taking assessments

Although you do not need to mark every page in the course as completed, pages with assessments must be completed in order to pass the course and gain your certificate. Assessments are multiple choice questionnaires, and the pass score and maximum number of tries you are allowed are shown for each one.

If you exceed the maximum number of tries, you will need to contact us to reset it; however, if you pass the assessment within the maximum number, you are free to complete it any number of times afterwards to hone your score.

The feedback form is a special type of assessment – we ask that you please complete it for our quality control purposes before completing your course – although you do not need to complete every question and of course there is no pass score!

Downloading your certificate

Once you have passed your assessment (or assessments, for courses which have more than one), you will be able to download your certificate. You can do this either from the course overview, or back in your account area where you launched the course from 'My enrolments' or 'My bookings'