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How Falconbury online learning works – buying and managing online training

Falconbury online learning offers fully flexible self-paced business training, delivered online either for yourself or for your whole department. This page provides a basic step-by-step guide to purchasing, accessing and completing Falconbury’s online learning courses.

Browse and buy

As you browse our courses, you can buy any combination in a single transaction – and specify any number of enrolments on each course to allocate to your colleagues. Substantial volume discounts are available for customers wanting to enrol their whole department, and monitor the progress of training.

To begin the checkout process, you will be prompted to register or login – because we track the progress of your training for you, you must have an account.

Check out

During the checkout process, you are able to specify who is taking the training. If you are buying just for yourself, you can specify to be immediately enrolled on the course, and you will be able to begin training immediately.

If you are buying training for your colleagues, you can, during the checkout process, specify their email addresses, and they will receive invitations to enrol. Or, if you are not sure yet who will be taking the training, or you are not ready to invite them, you can leave the addresses blank, and send invitations later.


Once your booking is complete, you can manage it in the 'My account' area of the site. From here, you can:

  • Check the payment status of your booking (for users who wish to pay via cheque or bank transfer)
  • View/print/download your invoice
  • Send or withdraw invitations for unallocated enrolments
  • See who has enrolled and the date they enrolled on
  • See the progress of each user on the course – how far through they are and whether they have passed the assessments
  • Enter the training itself (if you have enrolled yourself) and print your certificate (when you have passed the assessments)


If your colleague has enrolled you on a course, you will receive an invitation to accept, containing a special link to accept the invitation and enrol. You will be prompted to register or log in with your own account – you do not need the account details of the colleague who bought the training on your behalf.

When you are logged in, you will be able to accept the invitation and you will be enrolled. Because you did not place the initial booking, you will not have access to the invoice and status of other students in the 'My bookings' area of the site; rather you will access your training via 'My enrolments'.