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NEW Examine the key drivers of purchasing performance, identify the tools and techniques that support the delivery of competitive advantage and provide delegates with the skills to manage a purchasing team.

Enhance commercial awareness in the application of contracts in the Defence industry for your whole team with this two-day In-house training programme.

This In-house training programme will give your commercial and management team a thorough understanding of what makes a business successful by the buying and selling of products and services and the factors that influence success.

In this In-house course, gain a clear understanding of the crucial economic, technical and current issues that impact each stage of the industry and how they can be used to achieve commercial success

NEW Commerce is about buying and selling. The more buying and selling you do the more commercial you are. This programme will give you the knowledge you need to make better commercial decisions.

An intense two-day In-house training programme to help your commercial and management team reduce risk exposure and increase benefits by managing your commercial uncertainty more effectively

NEW This workshop is about providing you with an introduction to the world of strategy.

NEW This highly practical two-day in-house programme will enable you to develop the skills and knowledge needed for you to deliver the contract strategy that is right for your business.

This In-house programme is designed for the whole commercial team and will give them a firm working knowledge on all they need to know about contract terms and conditions.

NEW Sales teams increasingly need to concentrate on the core challenge of overcoming price competition. The challenge is to create and sell value. This programme will help you achieve just that.

This In-house programme will help a legal and contracts team avoid potential contractual liability and give an update on the recent developments and cutting-edge issues in commercial and company law.

A two-day In-house programme which will provide any legal and contracts team with the key legal and commercial skills essential to secure successful agreements. It also includes drafting sessions to illustrate best practice.

An In-house confidential workshop to help the senior management team navigate a way through the maze of due diligence services to achieve long-lasting and water-tight business transactions.

An In-house training programme for contract management and administration teams.

A 5-day international In-house ‘Business School’ programme* – Increase your commercial and strategic understanding of the oil and gas industry in a practical, intensive 5-day training programme

This In-house programme will show your team how to submit winning, profitable tenders supported by a financial modelling process which reliably captures and evaluates all costs, identifies and manages key risks and provides an integrated priced proposal to deliver the best deliverable financial returns

An In-house programme for all commercial and contract teams on how to create a effective, efficient and successful tender.

This In-house workshop will help your commercial team negotiate their way to commercial success when dealing with international contract negotiations.

A comprehensive and practical In-house programme which focuses on the commercialisation of intellectual property.

NEW This programme will provide you with the skills to operate in a professional manner that, in turn, will reduce the risks and deliver cost benefits for your organisation. The programme can be tailored to focus on the current challenges within your business scenario.

Essential skills for legal and commercial professionals in the oil and gas industry to develop long lasting and profitable joint ventures

An In-house programme for commercial professionals contracting with the MoD. Understand the key tactics and techniques to winning and retaining MoD contracts.

This In-house programme focuses on current contract drafting, negotiating, best practice and related issues for the telecoms contract team,.

An In-house advanced negotiation skills programme presenter by a master negotiator and trainer.

A practical two-day In-house workshop for those who need to achieve results through personal influence.

This In-house programme will help demystify the topic and introduce the key, easy to use techniques that will help you manage your projects successfully.

A highly practical and experiential In-house programme to develop a world-class approach to contracting and how to build strong commercial relationships which will deliver value to your procurement team.

NEW Strategic cost management can lead to huge benefits for a business. This programme will give you the knowledge and skills to use best practices and make difficult decisions effectively and confidently, to achieve the cost management outcomes your business requires.

NEW Techniques to define and manage your strategy for category expenditure

This bespoke In-house training programme delivered by Barry Tomalin, MA provides a one-day introduction to cross-cultural issues in international communication.

Thus In-house worksop will help your team understand the key provisions of the new Consumer Rights Directive and the practical legal implication for your business.

This unique two-day In-house seminar will provide participants with an insight into the common causes of project failure, how they can be avoided and resolved.

An In-house programme to learn how contracts are used in upstream oil and gas commercial agreements, presented by an expert in two interactive and informative days.

This two-day no nonsense In-house drafting contract clauses workshop will enable the contracts team to further their technical knowledge to deliver and manage successful contracts every time.

NEW This programme is a must for all individuals who are engaged in dealing with commercial contracts and managing contractual relationships, or are a party to a commercial contract.

Understand international IT contracts and their complexities, to ensure effective use, manage risk and draft a watertight agreement with this bespoke In-house programme.