In-house training

Corporate strategy

A one-day In-house senior management programme to understand business performance and the external and the internal performance drivers

This confidential two-day In-house workshop for senior management teams draws on the practical experience of our expert trainers to help develop and implement successful strategies for your deals.

Your senior management team will benefit from this In-house programme which will increase their understanding of how best to meet the challenges of the constantly changing commercial environment and how it can maximise the opportunities to ensure continued growth and increasing profits.

An In-house confidential workshop to help the senior management team navigate a way through the maze of due diligence services to achieve long-lasting and water-tight business transactions.

This In-house training course focuses on innovative thinking in business

This In-house workshop will help your commercial team negotiate their way to commercial success when dealing with international contract negotiations.

This In-house course will share with you how STRATrisk has introduced a new way of thinking about strategic risks.

This interactive In-house training course will provide delegates with a thorough understanding of project appraisal and how to implement a coherent and consistent approach within their organisation.

This In-house programme will teach your team how to engage with stakeholders in any role within the organisation from projects to negotiation through to implementing strategies.

This In-house programme brings modern strategic thinking and executive experience together to identify and exploit competitive advantage.

This bespoke In-house training programme delivered by Barry Tomalin, MA provides a one-day introduction to cross-cultural issues in international communication.

With this In-house workshop your corporate team will understand their full range of responsibility and how to minimise the company’s liabilities and strengthen its stability.