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Focussing on the core financial aspects of a business has never been so important as we navigate out of this world Pandemic and focus on what this means to our businesses going forward. A complete understanding of the latest financial standards and best practice procedures are crucial to maintaining financial stability whilst driving your business forward.

Falconbury has developed a range of offerings to suit the fast-paced changes needed to face today’s challenges. Our range of formats gives individuals a real choice in how to gain this crucial knowledge.

Navigating the Rivers of Cash


Also available as: eBook

£19.99 / €28.00 / $31.00

Navigating the Rivers of Cash is a practical business book in which the author seeks to inspire ambitious business leaders and entrepreneurs to create and build exceptional businesses with a sustainable purpose in society.

£14.99 / €17.99 / $25.00

An expert guide written in plain English on everything you need to know about using the legal system to recover debts - quickly, efficiently and with no complications.

The 3rd edition of this essential book gives a clear explanation of the principles of International Financial Reporting Standards and the accounting and disclosure requirements, and provides a clarification of practical problems of compliance.

£29.00 / €41.00

The new edition of this Desktop Guide provides a clear, practical guide to all aspects of accountancy, financial and business literacy. It includes changes to accounting standards and the move to IFRS and is packed with examples, checklists, summaries and special tips.