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Commercial Management

The role of a commercial/contracts manager is exceptionally demanding and complex, especially as companies are increasingly looking at cost as a means of providing competitive advantage. By proactively managing contracts and understanding the commercial implications for your business you will be able to anticipate risks and resolve problems before they arise. Falconbury's courses, specially designed for the commercial/contracts manager, will give you best practice knowledge and skills to make difficult decisions effectively and confidently as well as allowing you to gain a sound grasp of contract law and understand the financial principles and business implications on which a contract is built.

Business and Contract Law

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This briefing will enable you to recognise and deal confidently with the risks and benefits of commercial contracts.

The Commercial Manager


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This book fills an important gap with expert, practical advice.
“His experience in the cut and thrust of business has given him great understanding and balance.” John Craen, previously MD, ITT Defence