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Corporate Strategy & Responsibilities

Both Directors and business leaders need to understand their full range of complex duties and responsibilities, and how to minimise the company’s liabilities while strengthening its stability. The corporate, business and functional strategies of a business all need to be evaluated, critically analysed and built on to ensure a successful growing business in the face of today's challenges. Falconbury’s offering covers the essential skills and best practices for all Company Directors and Company Secretaries, as well as business leaders and entrepreneurs. Our products also cover a large selection of topics to help you navigate through potential mergers and acquisitions to ensure the best outcomes for you and your business.

This extensive reference work covers every topic of relevance for the Company Secretary and Company Director. It provides structured answers and expert guidance on a vast range of frequently asked – and less frequently asked – questions.

£29.00 / €41.00

This Report provides essential tips and guidance when choosing and using lawyers and other professional advisers and helps ensure you better understand the process and what exactly you are buying

£29.00 / €41.00

Understand your Company articles and Company constitution. This Report is written in an easy-to-understand style and provides an in-depth appreciation of such things as all the model articles, the default provision, the resolutions that may be part of the constitution...

Exit Right


£16.99 / €20.99 / $29.95

Trade secrets of how to achieve a golden goodbye. This book is a clear and canny explanation of all the steps required to maximise your profit on selling all or part of your business: grooming the business, choosing the right time and advisers and negotiating the sale.

This Report will help you understand the key practical and legal issues, achieve consensus and involvement at all levels, understand and implement TUPE regulations and identify the documentation that needs to be drafted or reviewed within the context of a merger, acquisition or disposal.


This new 15th edition of the best-selling *Company Director's Desktop Guide* provides an indispensable guide to the key issues and liabilities faced by all company directors. Fully revised and updated to reflect the latest changes in legislation, it includes checklists, charts and summaries throughout.


This new edition is fully up-to-date with all the latest law and practice. An expert and accessible guide to the complex duties, rights and responsibilities of this crucial role, packed with valuable checklists, summaries and do's and don'ts.

Far too many pension trustees - even in large funds - have an inadequate understanding of investment and financial markets. This book - tailored specifically for pension fund trustees - fills an important knowledge gap.

The Pension Trustees Handbook


Also available as: Download (PDF)


Pension trustees face a maze of legislation and regulations as never before. The need for expert, accessible advice has never been greater.

£29.00 / €41.00

In this invaluable Briefing one of the City's most successful deal-makers distils 40 years' experience as both principal and advisor.

£29.00 / €41.00

If you're like most people, you'll only get one chance to sell your business and to capitalise on years of hard work and planning. You can either fluff it, or make sure you get the best possible advisor and become financially secure for life, and possibly very rich. This report shows you how to make your business 'investor-ready' for maximum capital return.