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Achieve excellence as an HR business partner and enhance your ability to deliver a positive impact and support across the whole business.

Raise your knowledge of the latest employment law and legislation and learn how to deal practically with the numerous issues an employer regularly faces.

Raise your knowledge of the latest laws and best practice for avoiding and, where necessary, managing these sensitive issues within the workplace.

NEW EVENT for 2020

New for 2020!
An intensive and practical two-day programme for HR professionals and line managers.

Raise your knowledge of the latest laws and best practice for recruiting overseas nationals and learn how to integrate them effectively into your current workforce.

Practical applied learning for HR professionals – a one-day intensive briefing on best practice and employment law requirements for the effective HR assistant .

The Role and Skills of a Valuable HR Assistant

6 Oct 2020

Also on: 28 Apr 2021

This practical two-day programme is a must-attend event for any newly promoted or aspiring HR advisors, as well as those looking for a refresher.

The Role of an Effective HR Advisor

7-8 Oct 2020

Also on: 20 May 2021

This programme has been specifically designed for those HR professionals who operate at, or aspire to operate at, a senior level within their businesses.

The Role of the Senior HR Manager

10-11 Nov 2020

Also on: 16 Jun 2021