Business law

A practical interactive three day programme designed to develop your skills to draft clear and concise commercial agreements. This comprehensive two-part programme focuses on delivering practical and applied training of the key drafting skills

A two-day no-nonsense plain English practical course to get-to-grips with business and contract law for busy business executives.

Business and Contract Law

28-29 Nov 2018

Also on: 7 Mar 2019

An intensive one-day seminar providing an up-to-date review of the latest law and regulations that affect companies and directors

A one-day event providing expert advice on the complex and confusing implications of the GDPR and the new Data Protection Act.

We can customise this course to meet your requirements.

Contract Law 2018 – this is an ideal seminar for those wishing to increase their understanding of the fundamentals of contract law, and understand and improve the contracts they negotiate and manage

Contract Law Update

Bespoke training

We can customise this course to meet your requirements.

Proactively manage the legal and commercial considerations essential for securing a successful international agreement

A practical interactive two-day programme designed to develop your skills to draft clear and concise commercial agreements

Drafting Commercial Contracts

27-28 Feb 2019

Also on: 30 Oct 2019

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£200 / €280 / $312

The complete guide to drafting and negotiating clear and concise commercial agreements in English. Presented by expert linguists with extensive experience in commercial law.

Drafting International Commercial Agreements in English

12-14 Mar 2019

Also on: 13 Nov 2019

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£300 / €420 / $468

Focus on the drafting skills and legal and commercial issues to be considered when drawing up international IP agreements

Ensure clear, structured, risk-free collaborative R&D and joint venture agreements for maximum commercial success in one intensive day

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£100 / €140 / $156

Proactively manage your contract by applying a logical and systematic approach enabling you to anticipate and resolve problems before they become critical

Effective Contract Management

13-14 Jun 2019

Also on: 21 Nov 2019

This practical and interactive 2-day programme will ensure you understand where your organisation is exposed and how you can successfully protect against risk.

A two-day workshop for those who need to achieve results through personal influence.

This specialist five-day seminar running in Dubai has been expressly developed to focus exclusively on the law and regulations governing business and contract law for cross-border contracts.

International Commercial Contracts School, Dubai

10-14 Mar 2019

Also on: 22 Sep 2019

Understanding the detailed law of damages and liabilities for the purposes of negotiating and drafting international contracts governed by English Law

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£200 / €280 / $312

Two-days to for legal counsel to get-to-grips with current best practice and creative value-added solutions to their legal department management challenges

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£200 / €280 / $312

A two-day seminar designed to explain what IT contracts are, how and why they work and how to put them in place.

Negotiating and Drafting IT Contracts

13-14 Mar 2019

Also on: 23 Sep 2019

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£200 / €280 / $312

In one intensive day learn how to protect and exploit your intellectual property rights for maximum commercial benefit

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£100 / €140 / $156

Licensing agreements are frequently used by commercial entities, public or quasi-public bodies for the development of new business prospects and cross-border expansion.

Business, commercial, financial and leadership skills to manage and develop a sound and strategically effective in-house legal department

The Mini MBA for In-house Lawyers

27-30 Nov 2018

Also on: 25 Jun 2019

Learn how to navigate competition law and ensure compliance while maximising opportunities for your business