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Finance for the Non-Financial Manager

Sharpen your financial skills and boost your core effectiveness in 8 on-line modules each requiring between 3 to 4 hours study to be completed in your own time

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Course overview

Sharpen your financial skills and commercial awareness with this 8 module, self-managed on-line course

The ‘Finance for Non-financial Manager’ online course is specifically designed to provide the skills you need to increase your financial awareness. It will improve your understanding of the language of finance, give you greater confidence when talking with your financial colleagues and show how your business can directly affect the overall commercial operation and financial results of the company.

How does this on-line programme work and what do you get?

  • Course access from anywhere through your own personal login and administration suite
  • Keep track of your progress as you go
  • Easy to use note taking and bookmarking facility to return to areas of interest and re-study
  • Individual modules or the full course can be downloaded as PDF files to print or file as you decided
  • At your convenience: at your desk, from your tablet or from your home computer
  • An optional on-line multiple choice assessment at the end of the course for you to ensure you are satisfied with the completion of your training
  • Certificate of completion awarded for your training records

      Course benefits include

      • A ‘no jargon’ approach to boosting your working knowledge of the figures
      • How to apply your enhanced financial understanding to positively impact performance
      • An analysis of the key indicators which can show you how healthy your business is
      • Boosted confidence when reviewing the figures with your financial colleagues or boss
      • A Succinct module on what the financial rules are and why we need them
      • A solid grounding in budgeting and cost control to ensure targets are met
      • Knowing what figures you can believe in, analyse and use to make effective business decisions

      Designed for

      • Managers
      • Team leaders
      • CEOs of SMEs
      • Office managers
      • Department heads
      • Commercial managers


      Finance for the Non-Financial Manager
      MODULE 1 - Demystifying finance
      Balance sheets: Part 1
      Balance sheets: Part 2
      MODULE 2 - How healthy are we? The two key indicators
      Profit and loss accounts: Part 1
      Profit and loss accounts: Part 2
      Cash flow statements: Part 1
      Cash flow statements: Part 2
      MODULE 3 - The importance of records and systems
      Accounting records and systems: Part 1
      Accounting records and systems: Part 2
      MODULE 4 - Concepts, policies and standards
      Accounting concepts, policies and standards: Part 1
      Accounting concepts, policies and standards: Part 2
      Managing your working capital
      MODULE 5 - Interpreting the accounts
      Interpretation: Part 1
      Interpretation: Part 2
      External analysis
      MODULE 6 - Cash budgeting
      Cash budgeting: Part 1
      Cash budgeting: Part 2
      Costing for planning: Part 1
      Costing for planning: Part 2
      MODULE 7 - Controlling those costs
      Costing: Part 1
      Costing: Part 2
      Volume – Cost – Profit relationship
      MODULE 8 - Figures we can believe in? The budget
      Budgeting: Part 1
      Budgeting: Part 2
      Cash management
      Profit management
      Business development

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      Previous customers include...

      • ALH Systems Limited
      • Antony Hodari & Co
      • Astra Zenaca PLC
      • Avnet
      • Berryworld
      • Condair Plc
      • Dreams / Sofatime
      • Greggs plc
      • Grünenthal GmbH
      • Hansen Technologies
      • International Greetings UK Ltd
      • Kellogg Brown & Root Ltd
      • KeyMed (Medical and Industrial Equipment) Ltd
      • King's College London
      • Kyowa Kirin Pharm
      • Lewis Civil Engineering Ltd
      • Marshall Aerospace
      • Mears Learning
      • Mölnlycke Health Care AB
      • MSD Animal Health
      • Odujinrin & Adefulu
      • Oxford Computer Group
      • Panacea Biotec Ltd
      • PANalytical Ltd
      • Pro
      • ProfitAbility
      • SNC-Lavalin
      • Stabilised Pavements Ltd
      • The Funding Corporation
      • Wales Millennium Centre