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Advancing in Marketing Training Course

Discover how to create a strategic marketing plan that will help you realise your strengths, identify opportunities and develop comprehensive marketing campaigns with this 8 module on-line course with each module requiring between 3 to 4 hours study to be in your own time

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Course overview

As a marketing professional you must stay up-to-date with the latest marketing techniques and trends.

Falconbury’s 8 module Advancing in Marketing online course has been designed for marketing professionals who wish to continue to enhance existing skills and expertise in this area.

This course teaches you how to think and act creatively and strategically. You will learn how to manage your marketing strategy, how to create, develop and apply an effective strategic marketing plan and how to manage your product strategy.

You’ll also understand the pros and cons of different pricing strategies and the techniques of successful communications. And you’ll learn all about distribution channels, as well as the special needs of marketing in the Internet age.

And once you’ve mastered all the key techniques and processes, you’ll find the final modules packed with tips and techniques to enhance your plans and profits.

How does this on-line programme work and what do you get?

  • Course access from anywhere through your own personal login and administration suite
  • Keep track of your progress as you go
  • Easy to use note taking and bookmarking facility to return to areas of interest and re-study
  • Individual modules or the full course can be downloaded as PDF files to print or file as you decided
  • At your convenience: at your desk, from your tablet or from your home computer
  • An optional on-line multiple choice assessment at the end of the course for you to ensure you are satisfied with the completion of your training
  • Certificate of completion awarded for your training records

This distance learning course will:

  • Detail the power of segmentation and portfolio analysis
  • Give you the pros and cons of the routes to market – distribution, market and channel
  • Deliver expert advice on managing a pricing strategy, how to price new and established products, pricing guidelines and best practice
  • Provide you with a huge selection of top marketing principles and great techniques to gain, keep and develop new client business
  • Review some of the uses of other marketing options available to the marketing professional such as advertorials, PR, TV, radio and interviews

Who should enrol?

  • Marketing managers and directors
  • Marketing executives with some experience and keen to progress to the next level
  • Marketing managers who have taken on new, challenging responsibilities and need to develop their techniques and sophistication.

Course contents

Advancing in Marketing
MODULE 1 - Managing your Marketing Strategy
How to manage your marketing strategy – Part 1
How to manage your marketing strategy – Part 2
MODULE 2 - Managing your Competitor Intelligence and Developing your Plan
How to manage your competitor intelligence
How to manage your strategic marketing plans
MODULE 3 - The Marketing Mix Part 1: Segmentation and Maximising your Product Strategy
How to manage your markets: The power of segmentation
How to manage your product strategy
MODULE 4 - The Marketing Mix Part 2: Maximising your Promotion and Pricing Strategy
How to manage your communications strategy
How to manage your pricing strategy
MODULE 5 - The Marketing Mix Part 3: Maximising your Business Strategy
How to manage your distribution strategy
How to think like a strategist
MODULE 6 - Implementing an Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy
Integrated marketing communications planning
The content of a marcom plan – the 10 P’s
The ten step Marcom Plan
MODULE 7 - High Octane Marketing
19 ways to supercharge your sales
Gold marketing principles
Fast cash
MODULE 8 - Out of the Box Marketing – Brainstorming Ideas for your Business
Out of the Box Marketing - Part 1
Out of the Box Marketing - Part 2
Out of the Box Marketing - Part 3
Out of the Box Marketing - Part 4
Out of the Box Marketing - Part 5
Out of the Box Marketing - Part 6

Course contributors

Norton Paley has over 25 years’ experience in general and marketing management and is the author of several best-selling books on marketing. His lecturing and consulting clients include IBM, American Express, McDonnel- Douglas, Dow Chemical, Johnson & Johnson and scores of small and mid-size companies.

David Abingdon is CEO of The Quantum Organization, a worldwide consulting group which advises smaller companies on how to grow their businesses in record time. His strategies and advice have helped scores of companies to grow profitably as well as enabling him to build several highly profitable businesses of his own.

Certificate of excellence

Participants are invited to undertake a final assessment in the form of an online multiple-choice paper. A pass rate of 80% and above is required to ensure that a high level of competency has been achieved within the subject area, where upon you will receive a ‘Certificate of Excellence’.

International Association of Distance Learning

The International Association for Distance Learning (IADL) promotes excellence in open, distance, and online learning worldwide, and provides a benchmark through which global consumers can gauge the quality of courses offered by their members.

The IADL is an independent, non-profit organisation with its principal administrative offices in London in the United Kingdom. Find out more.

Continuing professional development

This course qualifies for the following CPD programmes:

  • Certificate

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