Working with Emotional Intelligence

Communicate, influence and motivate to enhance internal and external relationships and to help improve both yours and the business performance.

5 Apr 2019

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Course overview

In today’s competitive workplace, we are not only being assessed on our technical skills, but also on how well we understand and handle ourselves and relate to others – our emotional intelligence. This course will provide you with the skills to become more self-aware and be able to communicate, influence and motivate internal and external relationships. You will learn how to build a better rapport with individuals, how to read and interpret emotions and how to handle situations more effectively in the workplace. The course is a highly interactive combination of theory, activities and exercises, with practical applications to real-life scenarios.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Work with colleagues more effectively by understanding and respecting their emotions and their different motivations and styles
  • Be more adaptable to how others think and the different perspectives they may have
  • Increase your self-awareness so you come across with positive impact and influence

Key benefits of attending:

  • Understand key emotional intelligence skills
  • Learn how to build better rapport and handle situations more effectively
  • Increase your self-awareness and come across with postive impact and influence
  • Maximise your assertive voice

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Programme at a glance...

Goleman’s emotional intelligence Model


Listening techniques for influencing

Scripting technique

Relationship management

Maximise your assertive voice



The solution-focused model

Action planning

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Laura Brown

Dr Laura Brown MBA, BSc,PhD, is a Pharmaceutical QA and Training Consultant, Course Director for the MSc in Clinical Research, School of Pharmacy at the University of Cardiff. She has more than 20 years’ experience of quality assurance in the pharmaceutical industry and has worked for several companies, including GSKs Hoechst Marion Roussel, Farmitalia and Phoenix International. She has a particular expertise in quality assurance including risked based approaches to quality systems, data Integrity and project management in the pharmaceutical industry. She regularly writes on pharmaceutical regulatory issues including “The Planning of International Drug Development”, in the Clinical Research Manual, Euromed and the “Impact of Brexit”, RQA Journal 2017.

Alec Wilson

Alec Wilson is a trained voice and drama teacher, who works in business, education, radio and television. He has been a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company, as well as doing a stint in a long running BBC radio series.
For the last twenty years, he has been a training consultant for many global companies, including highly regulated industries such as legal and pharmaceutical. He has a long association with many legal services firms, training staff from graduate trainees to Senior Partners. Companies he has worked with include Novo Nordisk, Rolls Royce Aero Engines, Ford Europe and Microsoft. He has helped many senior executives to deliver keynote speeches, including Directors of the Pension Protection Fund, Bunzl and Chief Executives of the N.H.S.

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5 Apr 2019
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A good team presentation. A useful, concise introduction to the topic.

Dougal Gemmell, Director, European Patent Office

Both speakers were excellent. They were enjoying their work and they managed well to challenge us by making us aware of our strong points and our flaws. They provided good advice and tips for achieving our goals. It was a very interesting, lively and educational course which gave me lots of food for thought not only in the context of my professional life but also of my personal life. It helped me also better understand my own manager(s).

Evridiki Christaki, Legal Expert, Eurocontrol


Louise Reynolds, Quality & Compliance Manager, McFT

Well balanced content, excellent interpersonal skills and overall presentation clear and concise

Anita Dhorajiwala, Manager RA, Apotex EU BV

Course was given in a very clear and simple way. Speakers were "alive" and managed to always have full deep attention.

Sandra Biondo, Regulatory CMC Document Coordinator, Ares Trading SA

The course was inclusive and easy going helping all delegates to feel comfortable with taking an active part. There were some useful techniques and examples of how to improve in this area

Sarah Barber, Senior Business Insights Analyst, Takeda UK Ltd

Comprehensive course on emotional intelligence with very useful take-away messages and techniques.

Rose Evill, Scientific Affairs Advisor, Nutricia