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Successful International Communication

This bespoke training programme delivered by *Barry Tomalin, MA* provides a one-day introduction to cross-cultural issues in international communication.

Customised in-house training course

The content, presenters and format of this course are customised to your requirements.

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Course Overview

This insightful In-house programme provides a-one day introduction to cross-cultural issues in international communication with the aim of improving cross-border and internal team working and communication and with reference to key markets both internal within the group and internationally.

What you will learn

  • Principles you can apply in all cross-cultural dealings
  • Knowledge of key issues impeding business relations between cultures
  • Strategies for resolution of personal issues experienced in cross cultural dealings
  • Information about key internal and external client business cultures.

Each delegate is asked to complete a short pre-seminar questionnaire and management style profile to help us identify key issues for discussion.

Post seminar
All delegates receive the cultural briefings for the key countries they are dealing with. They receive a report on key issues, understanding of the causes and strategies for resolution, where appropriate.

NB This programme can be expanded to go deeper into national cultures.

Sample Programme


  • Identify delegate key aims and desirable outcomes
  • The RADAR triangle – the key things to look for in understanding another culture
  • The international EXPECTATIONS DRIVERS and application to key client and internal cultures


  • The six COMMUNICATION DRIVERS and how they operate in key client and internal cultures
  • How to leverage your use of English in meetings and conference calls
  • Pitfalls of virtual communication across borders


  • Key international issues and how they affect business success, including attitudes to time, teams, organisation of the working day and leadership issues


  • The RADAR Profile to identify key issues in international communication
  • The 8020 principle- how to optimize it in international relations
  • The RADAR system- how to avoid or repair tensions caused by cultural differences

Recommended Trainer

Barry Tomalin is Director of Cultural Training at International House in London, one of the largest language and cultural training organisations in the world, and Visiting Lecturer in Cross-cultural Communication at the University of Westminster. He is the author of many books, including the 3rd Edition of World Business Cultures – A Handbook and monographs on culture and has trained in 65 countries.


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