Contract Terms and Conditions Awareness

This In-house programme is designed for the whole commercial team and will give them a firm working knowledge on all they need to know about contract terms and conditions.

Course Overview

This in-house programme is ideal for the whole commercial team who need to have a greater understanding of how standard conditions of contracts work and how to draft agreements to ensure performance and termination rights.

This training is aimed at professionals who are responsible for the administration and management of commercial business contracts.

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Sample Programme

NB: This is a sample programme which can be tailored to your organisations needs

Creating a formal contract – 6 key steps

1. Offer and acceptance
  • Defining the number of offers that can be on the table at any one time
  • Understanding what is a counter offer
  • Examining what constitutes acceptance

2. Invitation to treat
3. Consideration
4. Intention to create legal relations
5. Capacity
6. Certainty

Pre contract

  • Informal contracts
  • Letters of intent
  • Memorandum of understanding
  • Confidentiality/ Non disclosure agreements
  • Enforceable contracts

Getting to grips with how the law changes what you thought you had agreed to

  • What are implied terms and where do you see them?
  • Working within government restrictions
  • What is ‘good faith’ and making it benefit your company
  • Misrepresentation


  • Current use in contracts
  • Difference between warranties, guarantees, indemnities and representations
  • Retention of title
  • Privity
  • Contract (Rights of Third Parties) Act

Including constructive performance obligations

  • Specific performance
  • Condition precedents
  • Delivery
  • Force Majeure
  • The doctrine of Frustration

Termination – Understanding how and when to end contracts

  • Duration
  • Liquidation
  • Change of control

Recommended Trainer

Arun Singh OBE

Arun Singh (Prof) OBE, FRSA is an international lawyer and consultant to an international law firm. He was formerly a partner and Head of Commercial Law at KPMGLegal. Arun is cited and ranked in Chambers Guide of the World’s Leading Lawyers. He concentrates on international investment, joint ventures, licensing of technology, research and development, M&A, energy, outsourcing and corporate governance in developed and emerging markets. He also handles international legal risk management matters. Arun advises a range of international organisations. He is a Visiting Professor in International Business, Leadership and Negotiations at Salford University Business School, Senior Associate at Oxford University’s Institute of Legal Practice and teaches international leadership and negotiations at the University of Cambridge. He has facilitated programmes in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the U.S.

He is a recognised corporate educator and a non executive director of 4 international investment companies one of which is listed on the London Stock Exchange chairing the Audit Committee and Investment Committee.

Arun’s work for SMEs and clients such as BA, BP, CMSLegal, Orange, Diageo, KPMG, Motorola includes working with managers on business skills such as leadership, impact and influence, team dynamics, international management negotiations and conflict resolution.

He was appointed an OBE by HM the Queen in January 1999 for services to international trade, investment and intercultural management.

Arun is an editor and contributor to a number of publications, including Thorogood’s Special Report on Business and Contract Law, facilitator for company programmes and corporate speaker to conferences.