The Mini MBA for In-house Lawyers

Business, commercial, financial and leadership skills to manage and develop a sound and strategically effective in-house legal department

25-28 Jun 2019

& 26-29 Nov 2019

GBP 2,599
EUR 3,639
USD 4,054

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Why you should attend

This intensive four-day programme uses up-to-date MBA thinking and techniques to focus on the real and challenging issues that are confronting today’s in-house legal departments.

The expert trainers from a legal and business background will share with participants their own experiences from working as in-house lawyers and business managers. They will refer to and explore up-to-the-minute management and leadership methodologies and techniques. This programme also offers a unique opportunity to share existing best practice and establish industry-wide norms with colleagues from different organisations and countries.

Who should attend:

  • Heads of legal departments
  • Legal affairs directors and managers
  • Senior corporate counsel and advisors
  • Legal departments CEOs
  • Key corporate law team members
  • Private practice lawyers seeking a switch to an in-house role

What are the objectives of this course?

As a result of attending this programme, you will be able to:

  • Engage with business colleagues when strategic choices are being made
  • Review the role and strategy of the in-house legal function
  • Define and demonstrate the rationale and value of the legal department to the rest of the organisation
  • Achieve better outcomes by applying project management techniques
  • Mobilise more effective teamwork within and outside the legal team
  • Participate more confidently in discussions involving financial analysis
  • Withstand cost cutting pressures by highlighting coherent resource priorities
  • Establish strong working relationships with business colleagues in order to influence behaviour and attitudes towards legal issues
  • Manage and lead the in-house legal team to high performance
  • Access and enhance core leadership management techniques in the context of effective change management
  • Pursue the best remuneration options with external law firms and gain value for money from their services
  • Examine and understand how successful Heads of Legal have applied a commercial and strategic focus to achieve results
  • Measure and boost the performance of the legal team through valuable assessment and coaching

Programme at a glance...

Module one – Business strategy and strategic planning

Your strategy

Strategy, tactics and choices

Strategies for winning v strategies for success

Module two – Developing your strategy for legal services

Selecting and selling the right options for the provision of legal services

Module three – Leading and managing strategic change

Strategy, change and people

How you experience change

The change toolkit

Module four – Project management and team-work

The essentials of project management


Module five – Understanding the business from a financial perspective

The history and the accounts

The future and the need for business processes

Module six – Managing a budget and external expenditure

Managing fees with external law firms

The problems with traditional fee arrangements

Finding ways of operating more creative and ‘win-win’ fee arrangements

Module seven – People management and leadership

Understanding and fostering motivation and engagement

Emotional intelligence and leadership qualities

Module eight – Influencing and decision-making

The view from the other side

Questions and answer consultation session with Mark Prebble


Mark Prebble

Mark Prebble, during his 21 years as an employed in-house lawyer, has worked for ICI and The BOC Group plc in the UK, and Biogen and SGS in Switzerland. He held the positions of General Counsel at SGS and Group Legal Adviser at The BOC Group plc. Since 1998 when he established Lawyers in Business, Mark has worked with in-house legal departments, providing coaching and support for in-house lawyers, wherever located, on management issues, legal department performance and projects involving raising legal awareness. Mark runs workshops for in-house lawyers in Europe and Asia. He also undertakes project management work for businesses, which have no legal department, and interim management of legal departments. He has written ‘Managing In-house Legal Services’ for Thorogood Publishing and ‘Right in It – where in-house Lawyers should be’.

Robert Mowbray

Robert Mowbray is one of the longest standing and most widely known trainers of professionals having worked in and with law, accounting and other organisations for over 25 years. He is renowned as a trainer in things ‘financial’ and has considerable experience of helping lawyers to read financial statements and in helping professional firms to increase profitability through more efficient and effective working practices. Robert was the author of Maximising the Profitability of Law Firms and has trained or consulted with over 400 firms in over 20 countries. He has been voted Trainer of the Year by the Legal Education & Training Group and is the current author of the annual financial benchmarking survey organised by the Law Management Section of the Law Society. The unique experience that Robert has gained puts him in a position to independently and authoritatively help in-house legal departments understand strategic financial management and how they can build effective relationships with external law partners.

Graham Boyd

Graham Boyd is known for his success in leading people, business, research, strategy and multi-stakeholder dialogue. He integrates hard skills with soft skills, to enable clients to connect the organisation’s purpose and strategy with the behaviours required. Over the past ten years his focus as entrepreneur and business transformation consultant has been on what has recently become known as Teal, or self-managing and deliberately developmental organisations. Graham started his professional life in high energy physics and computing then moved into Procter & Gamble, where he led the successful development of new products and new organisations. He combined complex systems thinking: seeing the whole, the interactions, and the parts and then changing the system for the better to drastically improve their operations in Asia and then in Europe. At P&G he worked globally with the in-house legal team to develop strategic thinking and management skills. Since leaving P&G in 2008 Graham has been an accomplished consultant, trainer and coach, and achieved great success with organisations and teams globally in developing their strategic decision-making skills, and empowering them to link their operations to overall business performance.

Continuing professional development

This course qualifies for the following CPD programmes:

  • CPD certificate of attendance: 23.00 hours

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25-28 Jun 2019
25-28 Jun 2019 Cavendish Hotel, London GBP 2,599.00
EUR 3,639.00
USD 4,054.00
+ VAT @ 20.00%
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26-29 Nov 2019
26-29 Nov 2019 Venue not yet confirmed GBP 2,599.00
EUR 3,639.00
USD 4,054.00
+ VAT @ 20.00%
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They are all very enthusiastic and brilliant to teach and very diplomatic when we put stupid questions to them. Mark is always excellent, but Graham and Robert did add a good dimension to the legal stuff so good with these topics as well.

Joergen Schou, Chief of Staff, University of Southern Denmark

I really enjoyed the course, it's content and it's speakers. I found it very useful and I will definitely recommend it to others.

Alya Al - Naimi, Senior Legal Counsel, Qatar Foundation

Just excellent

Bram Vermeulen, General Counsel, GustoMSC

They were all engaging and made me feel comfortable and happy to learn. This is an excellent programme which I would recommend to other lawyers.

Lydia Hlomador, Head Legal/Company Secretary, SIC Insurance Company Limited

Helpful, practical and hands on course with a focus on business rather than law. I have came away with a 'to do' list of things I can put in place to help the legal team better understand and solidity its place in the business and provide a more cohesive service.

Kate Maynard, Global Head of Legal, DMS Governance Ltd

Packed, but all relevant and useful. Good slides means possible to revisit at a later date to remember concepts. Clear and knowledgable speakers

Oliver Bourne, Head of Legal , Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Europe R&F Ltd

Very good overall content regarding internal legal function. Very useful

Rita Branquinho Lobo, Head of Legal, Novabase

Well organised sessions to cover the programme. Good arrangement on team discussion, to learn from peers

Linda Yu, Senior Legal Counsel, Abercrombie & Fitch

Very high quality speakers and discussion. The content was great and sparked good debate within the group

Anthony Buxton, Senior Manager Legal, Brother International Europe Ltd

All is perfect indeed

Ashraf Ibrahim , Group Legal Head, National Bank of Egypt