Contract Law Update

Contract Law 2018 – this is an ideal seminar for those wishing to increase their understanding of the fundamentals of contract law, and understand and improve the contracts they negotiate and manage

19 Sep 2018

& 28 Feb 2019 , 25 Sep 2019

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Course Overview

Business contracts provide key protection for businesses and institutions. This course ensures delegates learn all the main issues relevant to contracts, their formation, operation and termination. Delegates will learn the contract law jargon and improve their ability to negotiate clauses effectively with their contracting parties. Whether supplying or buying goods, services or intellectual property, those involved with contracts will gain the necessary knowledge of the law needed in this field.

Why you should attend

  • Understand the contracts you manage
  • Decrease reliance on external lawyers
  • Reduce your risk
  • Avoid expensive legal proceedings
  • Tighten up your contract clauses
  • Learn about the latest case law and best practice on contracts and contract management
  • Learn how to amend your contracts to address issues arising from Brexit

Who should attend

  • Procurement managers
  • Purchasing managers
  • In-house lawyers
  • Company secretaries
  • Paralegals
  • Trainee solicitors
  • Contract managers
  • Business development managers
  • Others whose work regularly brings them into contact with contracts


Contract fundamentals

  • What is a contract?
  • Written and unwritten contracts
  • Hints and tips to make your contract terms apply
  • Retention of title clauses – recovering goods when the customer goes bust
  • Consumer Rights Act 2015 update
  • Review of recent case law

Brexit and contracts

  • Clauses for distribution agreements in a non-single market
  • Defining territories
  • Impacts on exhaustion of intellectual property rights
  • EU competition law implications

Anti-Corruption and Bribery Act clauses for contracts

  • Ethics and anti-corruption policies
  • Contract clauses in this area – warranties
  • How to reduce risk of law infringement
  • UK Bribery Act in force 2011 and it’s implications
  • Mitigating risks

Warranties and obligations

  • Using contract clauses to commercial advantage
  • Best and reasonable endeavours obligations
  • Time of essence
  • Consequences of breach of warranty
  • How to make obligations stick

Liability and its limitation

  • Ensuring your risks under contracts are mitigated
  • How far can you exclude and limit liability?
  • Best practice and model clauses
  • Latest cases under the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977
  • Force majeure clauses

Practical exercises – Liability

Intellectual property rights

  • IP protection clauses in contracts
  • Who owns the rights?
  • Foreground and background rights
  • Exploitation of IP rights by agreement

Termination and management of contracts

  • Best practice guidelines
  • Dealing with contract breaches
  • Litigation and mediation
  • Right to terminate agreements
  • How to handle supplier difficulties and liquidation

Final Q&A session


Susan Singleton

Susan Singleton is a solicitor with her own London solicitor’s firm, Singletons, which specialises in competition law, intellectual property and commercial law, both non-contentious and contentious. Until 2016 she was Vice Chairman of the Competition Law Association and author of 30 law books. She advises a wide range of UK and international clients including in the pharmaceutical sector. The 4th edition of her book on Commercial Agency Agreements was published in 2015. After working as a solicitor at London law firms Slaughter and May and Bristows, she founded her own law firm. She brought the first action for damages for breach of the competition rules to reach an English court (Arkin v Borchard Lines) and in 2015 was involved in litigation for clients in both the CJEU and UK in relation to challenges to EU and UK tobacco legislation. She advises lots of clients in particular about EU competition law and selective distribution agreements including in the pharma/ veterinary sectors, both for parallel importers and for brand owners. She is editor of the looseleaf Kluwer’s Comparative Law of Monopolies. In 2015-16 she was heavily involved in litigation before the English courts and CJEU in litigation relating to EU and UK legislation in the tobacco sector and in 2017 won damages for a client in trade infringement litigation (IPEC)

Susan Singleton

Susan Singleton is a solicitor with her own London firm, Singletons, which specialises in competition and commercial law. After training at Nabarro, Susan joined Slaughter and May’s EC/Competition Law Department on qualifying, moving to Bristows until founding her own niche solicitor’s firm. Since then she has advised over 900 clients, including many leading plcs in a very wide range of industries. According to the Chambers and Partners Legal Directory, she is one of the UK’s leading lawyers and is very well known in the field of ecommerce, IT and internet law. She is author of over 30 law books on topics such as internet and ecommerce law, competition law, commercial agency law, data protection legislation and intellectual property and writes legal articles monthly for IT Law Today and other publications. She also regularly updates legal sections of legal publications for CCH/Kluwer publishers – Corporate Governance, Company Secretary’s Factbook and Corporate Practice Service as well as Accountants’ Legal Service (Bloomsbury), and writes a bi-monthly column in CCH’s Business News. Susan serves on the EC/Laws Committee of the Licensing Executives Society. Until 2016 she was Vice Chairman of the Competition Law Associate and served on the Contracts Group of CIPS.

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19 Sep 2018
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28 Feb 2019
28 Feb 2019 Cavendish Hotel, London GBP 699.00
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25 Sep 2019
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