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The Telecoms 'Mini-MBA' On-line Learning Programme Training Course

Focus on the essential practical skills, knowledge and techniques needed to be a high-performer in the field of telecommunications. Gain key skills needed to fulfil this demanding role with this 10 module on-line course, allowing 3 to 4 per module to be completed in your own time.

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Course overview

This 10 module Telecoms Mini-MBA on-line learning programme provides an overview of key regulatory, technical, and financial trends impacting the established providers in the industry. It analyses the technology trends underlying many of the strategies and principles executives are applying as they attempt to build businesses. Over the 10 concise modules you will focus on essential management theory, practice and techniques applied in the context of the telecommunications industry. The key business skills developed will ensure that you take a dynamic approach to overcoming each challenge you face and improve the bottom line of your business.

How does this on-line programme work and what do you get?

  • Course access from anywhere through your own personal login and administration suite
  • Keep track of your progress as you go
  • Easy to use note taking and bookmarking facility to return to areas of interest and re-study
  • Individual modules or the full course can be downloaded as PDF files to print or file as you decided
  • At your convenience: at your desk, from your tablet or from your home computer
  • An optional on-line multiple choice assessment at the end of the course for you to ensure you are satisfied with the completion of your training
  • Certificate of completion awarded for your training records
Course benefits include:
  • Skills development as a leader and manager within the telecoms business
  • Guidance on strategic planning techniques in practice within the industry
  • Savings in your time and the huge costs involved in enroling for a traditional MBA course
  • Enhanced negotiation techniques and skills to increase your success in commercial agreements
  • Illustrated examples of key financial techniques to increase your knowledge and boost your confidence when discussing financial issues with colleagues
  • Exponential improvement in your knowledge of key competitive marketing techniques and tools which are successfully employed in the telecoms industry

Who should enrol on this programme?

Executives and managers across the telecommunications industry who want to increase their understanding of successful strategic management within the sector. Those who want to enhance their own performance and their key management, leadership and Telecoms industry skills.

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Course contents

The Telecoms ‘Mini-MBA’
MODULE 1 - Introduction to the Telecoms Market
Why a Telecoms ‘Mini-MBA’ Distance Learning Programme?
Overview of Technologies
Emerging Markets-Next Generation (NGN) data and convergence
Key Trends for the Future in Telecommunications
Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO)
Satellite Communications
MODULE 2 - Strategy and Strategic Planning in the Telecoms Market
Understanding the strategic importance of the ITU
Strategic penetration of Internet Protocol and VoIP solutions
The Global ICT community, regulatory bodies, standards issues and MOU’s
How to adopt a Green Telecoms Strategy
The Main Players
Case studies – Strategic Alliances
Environmental impact on choosing suppliers
MODULE 3 - Managing Yourself and Others
Mastering Yourself
Mastering performance management
Communicate and motivate
Effective coaching
Tackling poor performers
Managing your team
Managing your time
MODULE 4 - Learn to be a Leader
What is management?
What is leadership?
The Leader as Mentor
Decision making in leadership
Management and leadership… essentially a team effort
MODULE 5 - Sales Planning and Management for Business Growth
Sales planning
Managing your accounts
Managing the sale
The sales presentation and proposal
Focusing on the customer
MODULE 6 - Mastering Marketing in the Telecoms Industry
How marketing works
Choosing your customers
The marketing mix – The product
The Marketing mix – Pricing
The marketing mix – Your route to market distribution
The marketing mix – Marketing promotion and communications
The marketing plan
MODULE 7 - Demystifying Finance – Finance and Accounting Principles in Practice
Finance makes the world go round
Analysing performance
The Financial Times
Review of accounting principles
MODULE 8 - Demystifying Finance - Budgeting and Decision-making
Budgeting and management accounting
Reviewing a budget
Computing future decisions
MODULE 9 - Demystifying Finance – Financial Management in the Telecoms Sector
What drives telecoms?
Where we’ve been
Where we are
How we got here
Three simple statements
How we might succeed
MODULE 10 - Negotiating and Managing Commercial Contracts
Legal foundation for negotiation
Negotiation principles
The whole process
The negotiation

Course contributors

Kevin Hard has a background in sales and management development within the Telecoms industry. His extensive experience in the industry includes setting-up and managing a national sales team to launch the successful Datatrak and Band3 products within the UK market. He spent many years working with a major telecommunications consultancy advising many major UK corporates, offering independent advice to enable organisations to make informed decisions on their strategic initiatives in telecoms including MEUC, GKN, Warners, Somerfields, Lloyds. He was regularly involved in the training of new personnel and set up a training service -3C for customers to fill a gap in the market and introduced new innovative technologies into the UK from Israel (VoIP) – Lloyds, Freeserve; Australia (CMS) – Boots, NHS, and Digital Literacy (Finland) – IBM, SAP. He now runs his own consultancy working with clients to provide management and commercial training for managers and senior level executives.

Ian Ruskin-Brown has been the owner/entrepreneur of several service businesses, a course director at the Chartered Institute of Marketing for courses on marketing in the service sector and has designed, written and piloted in-company training courses on marketing and selling consultancy services for a number of international Telecoms businesses.

Mark Thomas is an international business consultant, author and speaker specialising in business planning, managing change, human resource management and executive development. Based in London, Mark work across the globe – he has worked in over 40 different countries and is a frequent conference and seminar speaker on business, organisation and human resource issues. He has worked extensively with Telecoms companies including BT, T-Mobile, Nokia and KPN.

Ralph Tiffin is a chartered accountant and registered auditor – principal of McLachlan+Tiffin. The firm has a wide range of clients and supports clients with audit and advisory work in area such as an introduction to IFRS, ethics and fraud prevention. As a consultant he acts for many companies in the UK and overseas including British Telecom, Cable and Wireless and Telekom Malaysia on subjects ranging from understanding finance and accounting for telecoms companies, project appraisal, budgetary control systems through to fraud prevention and how proper accounting can help business.

Michael Williams is an international management consultant. His main clients include leading business schools as well as several universities and a wide range of companies throughout Europe and North America including, T-Mobile and Danish Telecom. He is author, or co-author, of many books in the fields of leadership, management practice and organisational psychology.

Tim Boyce has been involved in contract management for over 20 years. He began his career in the Ministry of Defence holding executive positions in contracts and contracts policy and finance. His industrial career began at Plessey in 1980 after which he enjoyed appointments with Siemens, British Aerospace and as commercial director at BAE systems. His functional responsibilities have included contracts, commercial, procurement, estimating, legal, project accounting and the implementation of the European Business Model.

Julian Clay has spent the past ten years helping companies increase their sales effectiveness by improving their sales and management processes. His vast selling experience, business and psychology training have given him an invaluable insight into how a successful sales operation works. This has involved specific areas like account management, sales forecasting and looking at how CRM systems can be adapted to monitor and improve performance. Other projects have included developing a sales forecasting programme and writing and delivering many sales coaching and tailored training programmes in the areas of Transport, Paper, IT and Pharmaceuticals as well as ‘Open’ programmes for many other markets which have included, Electronics, Aviation and Telecoms.

Certificate of excellence

Participants are invited to undertake a final assessment in the form of an online multiple-choice paper. A pass rate of 80% and above is required to ensure that a high level of competency has been achieved within the subject area, where upon you will receive a ‘Certificate of Excellence’.

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