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Skills of the High Achieving Manager Training Course

This powerful introduction to management will enable your new managers to accelerate their learning and will provide them with an excellent grounding in the skills fundamental to being a successful manager.


In-house training services and consultancy

Management made easy in two interactive and enjoyable days

The manager’s role in contemporary organisations involves practical skill sets that enable managers to deliver work to a high standard in-line with the organisation’s vision and strategy. In this two-day In-house programme, Jocelyn Hughes focuses on the key skills, tips, techniques and tools that are needed to achieve this.

The programme emphasises the practical steps that managers need to take in order to achieve success and improve performance. As managers they need to get-to-grips with business and strategic planning, influence colleagues outside of the team, monitor and evaluate staff performance, and learn effective communication and leadership skills.

This programme provides the team with an excellent grounding in the skills fundamental to being a successful manager. This powerful high achieving manager programme will enable you to accelerate your learning and become a successful manager.

Why this *In-house course is essential for managers development*

They will learn how to:

  • Develop a suitable management/leadership style to win support and dedication from colleagues
  • Learn to set SMART objectives and take firm steps to becoming a successful manager
  • Build a positive self-image and become a more professional manager
  • Apply performance management techniques that will develop and motivate staff
  • Create an inspiring environment to coach and develop inexperienced team members
  • Influence and persuade others assertively by developing effective communication skills
  • Manage conflict and deal effectively with difficult people

Sample programme

Each day combines interactive exercises and role play scenarios with trainer led learning to ensure key skills are developed under the guidance of the expert presenter.

Welcome, aims and introduction

The role of the manager/leader

  • Leading and managing in today’s organisations
  • Skills and competencies
  • Accessing leadership styles and the impact of these styles
  • Understanding yourself, team and others
  • Practical tools for adapting your style
  • Managing upwards as well as managing your team

Decision-making and problem solving

  • Studying how decisions are made
  • Facilitating the key decisions
  • Using a decision-making tool
  • Involving others in decision-making
  • Evaluating and improving your problem solving approach

Planning and organising

  • Setting objectives
  • Delivering actionable results
  • Applying techniques for effective time management
  • Developing SMART objectives
  • Managing your time more effectively

Managing change

  • Personality types and managing change
  • Managing change in ourselves and others
  • Leading through transition and modifying your leadership style to suit the situation

Clear and assertive communication

  • Developing clear communication skills
  • Using assertive language in your communications
  • Listening, reflecting and clarifying techniques
  • Acknowledging the role of tone and body language
  • Looking at approaches to communication
  • Mission strategy and performance objectives – how do we communicate this effectively

Performance management and motivation

  • Viewing your motivation and that of your team – A self-assessment
  • Why people do what they do – understanding human nature
  • Key theories of motivation
  • Using performance management objectives in the performance appraisal
  • Objectives of an interactive performance appraisal session
  • Recognising the use of coaching and mentoring in improving employee performance
  • Challenging staff or challenging situations – working with either or both!
  • The art of giving feedback and soliciting feedback from others
  • Understanding the role of the manager in dealing with staff conflict
  • Dealing with staff issues such as lateness, conflict


  • Exploring the key skills of delegation
  • Key tasks for delegation
    • Evaluation
    • Identification
    • Action
  • Your assessment of your delegation skills

Action planning and close of course

Recommended trainer

Jocelyn Hughes is a recognised expert in management training and personal development, having worked in training and personal development since the early 1980’s within blue chip organisations. A strong advocate of training for a reason, she has a practical approach to management training which aims to provide participants and organisations with readily useful content, transferable to the workplace. Having enjoyed a successful career in training management, she began working as a freelance consultant in 1998. Working with major blue chip organisations across the UK and internationally, Jocelyn is widely respected for her experience and expertise. Jocelyn is a qualified NLP practitioner and continues to deliver programmes to a wide range of clients.

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Book now

We do not currently have dates confirmed for this course; please contact us to be informed when it is scheduled; or to discuss running this course on an in-house basis for your staff.

Continuing professional development

This course qualifies for 12 hours for your CPD records.
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Customised in-house training

We can customise this course to meet the requirements of your organisation and deliver it at your location and/or online.

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Previous customers include...

  • Amadeus IT Group SA
  • Aroq Ltd
  • CA Blackwell Contracts Ltd
  • Camvac Ltd
  • Cooper Tire & Rubber Co Europe Ltd
  • Eagleburgmann Industries UK LP
  • European Central Bank
  • Harley-Davidson Europe Ltd
  • Harrods Aviation Ltd
  • ITF Suisse
  • MAM UK Ltd
  • TOPAZ Social Work Community Interest Company
  • UK Payments
  • UniQure
  • Wrightington Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust

I enjoyed the challenge and have created a vast list of things to consider before rolling out training to others

Guy Pugh, Commercial Director, CA Blackwell Contracts Ltd, Mar 14

The course was an excellent opportunity to review and improve my management style

Dee Kemp, Director, TOPAZ Social Work Community Interest Company, Mar 14


Louise Hitchcock, Customer Service Executive, Falconbury, Mar 14

Really enjoyed the course and feel that I have learned valuable insight

Mandy Gorse, Pre-Contracts Manager, CA Blackwell Contracts Ltd, Mar 14

I found Annie's presentations very interesting. I found useful the realistic examples used. I also found the references made to books, internet - very useful.

Patrice Fennell, Social Worker, TOPAZ Social Work Community Interest Company, Oct 13

Excellent speaker using examples, stories and humour to explain a point. Good mix of tools kept my interest throughout.

Esther Linton, Occupational Therapist, TOPAZ Social Work Community Interest Company, Oct 13

Enjoyable, informative, clear.

Anthony Parry, Sales Director, Eagleburgmann Industries UK LP, Oct 13

Very informative and enjoyable course. Particularly liked the speakers, style of presentation.

Gareth Hughes, Service Contracts Manager, Eagleburgmann Industries UK LP, Oct 13

It was great and I am thinking of following another course

Adis Canic, Supervisor Information Management, UniQure, Oct 13