Due Diligence

An In-house confidential workshop to help the senior management team navigate a way through the maze of due diligence services to achieve long-lasting and water-tight business transactions.

Course Overview

Conducting thorough due diligence is one of the most effective ways to reduce the risk involved in most major business transactions and to improve the chance of success. In recent years, the practice of due diligence has evolved substantially and the level of detail and analysis now allows companies to take much better commercial decisions. Well conducted and well managed due diligence can help a business transaction run smoothly and can even enable companies to find ways of adding value to major business transactions. This In-house workshop offers helpful insights and advice to navigate through the maze of services available and will put the senior management team on the path to completing a due diligence process that delivers. successful deals.

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Sample Programme


  • Due diligence – The strategic context


  • The objectives of commercial due diligence
  • Key commercial areas – What’s assessed and how it is done
  • Approaches to due diligence of common related areas
  • Managing dangers and avoiding pitfalls


  • Financial due diligence
  • Tax due diligence


  • Pre-contract arena
  • Legal due diligence
  • Cross-border due diligence
  • IP due diligence
  • Employment due diligence
  • Pension due diligence
  • Anti-trust due diligence


  • Managing the process and bringing it all together – The checklist
  • Reputational impact and key considerations post deal

Recommended Trainers

Steve Hacking is Managing Partner of Latitude Partners Limited. Before this, he was on the management team and co-head of private equity support at the Kalchas Group (a Bain / McKinsey spin-off). He has led more than 100 commercial due diligence projects since 1995. These have ranged in size from less than £1m to multi-billion transactions, for acquirers and vendors, corporates, banks and private investors.

Rebecca Attree M.A. (Cantab) is a Solicitor and ADR Group Accredited Mediator based in Central London. She has worked as a company commercial solicitor at Richards Butler Laytons and in 1993 Rebecca set up Attree & Co, her own solicitor’s practice. Rebecca’s professional practice has led her to gain considerable experience in how transactions can be explored, structured, drafted, negotiated and concluded so they work for all parties.

Bespoke training

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Overall, the course provided a very good overview of the due diligence process

Peter Howley, Director of Financial Services, ffh Management Services

Good pace, quick-fire. Not drowned in detail. Very well presented.

Neil Tyagi, Managing Director (Commercial & Financial), Eagleburgmann Industries UK

Day 2 morning - more interaction would be preferred but in general good interaction. Bigger group would also have made discussions more interesting.

Mary Oliver, European Tax Controller, Houghton PLC

A great opportunity to hear from a range of aspects of great experience. Very valuable and interesting insights.

Peter Gosnold, European Controller, Houghton PLC

Very good course content and well delivered by all

Anand Pogul, Business Consultant, Centre for Process Innovation

Very good, would highly recommend to those new or as a refresher to M&A

Steve Little, European Finance Director, Houghton plc

Overall very good. A little fast in some areas, a couple of the areas less important could be left out to allow others more time.

Debra Tomczuk, Finance Manager, Garlock (GB) Ltd

Very useful. Felt commercial was well covered. Financial and legal needed more time and the other sections (Tax etc) could have been shorter - just pointless really.

Jeni Jones, Financial Controller, Carl Kammerling International Ltd

Well organised, well managed, well constructed, well delivered.

Alan Morton, Sales Manager, NMB Minebea UK Ltd

Well organised, well managed, well constructed, well delivered.

Alan Morton, Sales Manager, NMB Minebea UK Ltd

Very informative and key introductions and overview of the process and great to focus to avoid costly mistakes

Paul Mulvin, Chief Financial Officer, ffh Management Services