Cost Control and Reduction

This In-house programme will show your management team how effective day-to-day budgeting and operational control can be used as a cost reduction tool to drive the business forward.

Course Overview

Budgeting is more than mere vague control. Budgeting should deliver the corporate strategy, add shareholder value – deliver to investors*

This In-house programme will ensure your management team

  • Are aware of costs at all times
  • Seek cost reduction from the start – consider life cycle costing
  • Understand real budgeting
  • Use techniques such as ZBB and ABC where appropriate
  • Ensure cost reports lead to ACTION
  • Have a cost management process which delivers

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Sample Programme

Budgeting – proper budgeting challenges costs

  • Why budget – the need for detailed business objectives
  • The philosophy of the business
  • What costs are the issue?
  • The importance or having the right culture
  • Can the accounting system cope?
  • Budgetary control measures
  • Designing budget reports – for ACTION

Cost removal – taking out costs

  • The importance of cost reduction
  • What are your and your sector’s ‘problem’ costs?
  • The risks of poor cost control
  • Capital and revenue costs
  • The importance of cost awareness
  • Costs of poor operations design/poor processes
  • Value engineering
  • Removing redundant costs

Zero based budgeting (ZBB) – the principles

  • Much more than starting with a clean sheet of paper
  • What ZBB can achieve
  • The concept of decision packages – to challenge business methods and costs
  • Dealing with overheads – what is meant by allocation, absorption or apportionment?
  • The apparent and real problems with overheads
  • Only necessary costs should be incurred
  • Cost reporting – selecting performance measures*
  • Reports for action – making budgets and cost management work
  • The purpose of a report
  • Content – deliverables and feedback
  • Culture is so important
  • Selecting KPI’s and KPD’s
  • What measures can be used to identify over spends as early as possible
    *Design of cost control reports – reports should lead to ACTION and deliver