Influencing and Persuading for Successful Results

This In-house workshop is designed to help delegates realise their ability to influence change in various contexts, virtual and face-to-face, as well as 121s and in groups.

In-house Training Services and Consultancy

This In-house programme will help your team realise their ability to influence change in various contexts, virtual and face-to-face, as well as 121s and in groups. The course is divided into three parts with an exploration of self, of others and of interactions with others. The content will give delegates the confidence to communicate effectively in a wide variety of situations and allow plenty of practice for application and personalisation of the learning points.

This programme will:

  • Identify your ability to change situations
  • Learn when you need to influence and persuade others
  • Recognise diverse methods to create change
  • Build rapport quickly to effectively influence others
  • Calibrate levels of assertiveness to achieve objectives
  • Develop structures to persuade that can be used across contexts
  • Identify and adapt your communication style to that of others
  • Increase your confidence in your role and your life

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Sample programme - Day one

Defining persuasion and influence
  • Define the difference between persuasion and influence
  • Exploring the pros, cons and contexts of influence and persuasion
  • Recognise the core skills of an effective persuader
  • Identify the key barriers to effective persuasion
The power of non-verbal influence
  • Exercises to develop confident and approachable body language and positive first impressions
  • How to use body language to increase rapport with others
  • Leaking and Dribbling – what we don’t say but we give away
  • Present yourself to employers and peers with confidence and gravitas
Trust & Integrity in Influence
  • The importance of trust and integrity
  • What constitutes trust and integrity
  • Mastering the art of vocal emphasis and meaning in persuasion
Develop a clear and commanding voice
  • Develop and practise the PROEP model of persuasion
Contradicting without seeming to!
  • Language that blocks and language that helps your argument to flow: how to contradict without seeming to
  • Practice your verbal virtuosity with the Alligator Story
Tact in emails
  • Matching game to develop assertiveness in written communication
Avenues of persuasion and influence
  • Identifying the three avenues of persuasion and the techniques behind them
Language and communication styles
  • Know your style of communication and what this means in what you do and how you do it
  • Understand how this might impact on others and create or calm conflict
  • How to adapt your communication style

Sample programme - Day two

Personality styles

  • Use Jung’s model to identify your own personality and persuasion styles
  • Adapting to the styles of others
  • Identifying different influencing styles to overcome resistance
Expressing needs
  • How to access the resources and state you need to express needs and deal with tricky situations
  • Cultural differences in expressing needs
Questioning techniques
  • Know what Active Listening is
  • Understand that asking the right questions help to understand others values
  • Understand and practice the different between open and closed questions
Off-putting vs rapport-building communication methods
  • Packaging information to maintain rapport
  • Defining Push and Pull Communication in persuasion and influence
Body language
  • Physical positioning in 121s and meetings
  • Learn power moves and leading gestures to be physically proactive in your persuasiveness

Recommended trainer

Alison Kemp is a highly experienced trainer and coach in interpersonal skills and communication techniques focussing mostly on technical professionals. She graduated from London Guildhall School of Music & Drama and is a Master practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), which covers key skills in personal and organisational development. Most recently Alison is also instrumental in developing and lecturing an online Post-Graduate Diploma in Creative and Innovative Leadership in Africa for Blake Hall Business School and works with Cass Business School on the Executive Development Programmes. With her combined experience in the arts and business world, Alison’s constructive and stimulating approach leads delegates to regularly regard her workshops as highly practical, informative and inspiring.