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Sales success: LinkedIn Workshop Training Course

A highly-practical In-house workshop or one-to-one consulting on how best to use Linked to generate new sales opportunities.


“Lead generation, smarter prospecting, relationship building, business research and more using Linkedin

A highly-practical workshop or one-to-one coaching on how best to use Linkedin to generate new sales opportunities.

It will show you how Linkedin can be very effective in growing your businesses opportunities, relationship base, sales pipeline, business awareness or online brand and personal profile. This workshop includes hands-on instruction on the participants live Linkedin profile.

It will show you how to improve your business profile, how to be more visible to potential partners, clients or customers and attract leads and opportunities.

Who will benefit

Sales professionals, account managers, support and technical team members, senior managers and executives. It is particularly suited to businesses that sell high- value services or solutions in a complex environment and at a senior level. Indeed anyone who:

  • is ‘on’ Linkedin but not sure how to use it or what to do now to get the most out of it
  • needs to make valuable and maintain connections in business
  • is looking for an easy and quick way to build relationships with customers, contacts and prospects
  • needs more focus, activity, structure and discipline in your new business and prospecting
  • would like more connections, referrals and recommendations but not sure how online social media will help.

Your next step is to call us now on +44 (0)20 7729 6677 or email us at info@falconbury.co.uk or use our contact form and find out how we can help. There are no commitments, and if we cannot help our advice and recommendations are free of charge.

Sample Programme

This is a hands-on Linkedin workshop that will kick-start and accelerate your use of this important tool. Most of the day will be spent online with expert guidance and advice, tips, examples and short-cuts. There is a specific focus on sales, marketing and personal online ‘brand’ building, research techniques and advanced useage.

You will leave the workshop with a full high-quality Linkedin profile, new connections, groups, prospects searches and applications setup, plus the knowledge on how to use them to generate leads and connections.

Hands-on sessions

Each of these sessions will involve extensive use of the sites online. You will create or complete a business profile for each site, join groups, connect with existing business contacts, research prospects and customers, start building your network, find referrals, add applications (for example, outlook integrator, etc.), and develop an ‘update’ strategy. You will also learn about case studies, software tools and websites to help build and maintain your brand easily and cheaply.

You will also learn how to setup and manage targeted Linkedin advertising – a very low-cost and highly-targeted method of generating high-quality enquiries.

Key programme sessions

The workshop requires all participants to bring a laptop with them.
  1. Business applications and benefits of Linkedin: An introductory look at how different individuals and businesses are making use of Linkedin. Case studies and examples.
  2. Linkedin overview: What it is, who’s using it, how it started, where it’s going and what benefits you might look for and expect.
  3. Setting up your profile, updating and connecting – the basics: An introductory look at how you can make use of this site and combine it with more traditional methods of marketing activity. Linkedin can also be used as the core of your prospecting and CRM activities.
  4. Integrating Linkedin into your Outlook and daily routine, plus combine with print, email, telephone, event and other sales activities.
  5. Daily Linkedin tasks: How to manage your Linkedin network in just 30 minutes a day and use as a CRM tool.
  6. Sales process and CRM integration Develop and implement a company- wide strategy to raise awareness and drive traffic to your website or generate leads. Plus, how to integrate it into your other business activities.
  7. Linkedin groups: A tremendous goldmine of contacts and information; starting your own group.
  8. Linkedin advertising: How it works and putting your first advert online.
  9. Online tools and websites to automate and manage your online branding activity.
  10. Summary: Q&A and best practice in using on a daily basis.

Recommended Trainer

Graham is definitely not a teenager or geek, but an experienced sales and business trainer who has developed a great deal of knowledge and insight on how best to use social media and networking in his and other people’s businesses. Now he shares this expertise in a very practical way.

Graham can also provide a managed service for generating leads and connections on Linkedin.

Graham Roberts-Phelps

Bespoke training

We can customise this course to meet the requirements of your organisation. Contact us to discuss your training requirements.

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