Behaviours and engagement – Why do we do what we do

This short In-house training course allows you to understand ways of helping yourself and colleagues within the workplace.


How we impact on risk, on our colleagues, on the culture of the organisation?


  • Introduction to our own behaviours – US !
  • How our minds work – we cant help it can we?
  • So, you have great policies and values – Why they might not work
  • We take risks in all areas of the business – period!
  • Looking after yourself and your colleagues – it’s worth it!

This short light hearted course gets a serious message across through understanding of the conscious and subconscious mind and its effects on all of us as people. Focusing on the workplace and the impact of the power of the mind over what we can and can’t do, this course allows you to understand ways of helping yourself and colleagues, even when you or they are not aware of things going on around them!

Why you should attend

This course will allow you to understand why we behave as we do. If people understand the why they can engage with policies and procedures much more effectively.

Who should attend?

Every person in the organisation should have the opportunity to attend this 45-minute session. It’s about engagement which means inclusivity.

Your next step is to call us now on +44 (0)20 7729 6677 or email us at or use our contact form and find out how we can help. There are no commitments, and if we cannot help our advice and recommendations are free of charge.

Recommended Trainer

Kevin Hard has been involved in the impact on behaviours on all areas of a business from corporates to start-ups. He helps organisations understand the limits of psychometrics and the impact of behaviours. It’s not about who you are, it’s about what you do that impacts on performance – your behaviours!