Falconbury's 'Mini MBA' for Senior Managers

‘Know-how’ to take you and your business to the top and drive innovation, change and dynamic growth within your business


This intensive and practical development programme is a concentrated way to focus on the core elements of an MBA; strategy and change, finance, people, leadership and marketing in a dynamic and applied learning environment. Focusing on key areas that determine real business results and rewards, this programme is full of practical tips, tools and techniques – all underpinned with tried-and-tested business principles, that can deliver value.

Four intensive days of development will:

  1. CHALLENGE your conventional business thinking around your current business model Time-poor senior managers who cannot afford the time demands of full or part-time MBA type programmes
  2. FOCUS on the financials of your business and understand how to directly impact the bottom line
  3. MAKE a direct impact on the success of your organisation
  4. EMPOWER you to position yourself as a leader in your business
  5. ALLOW you to set or contribute to the business or change agenda
  6. AID you in getting the best out of yourself, your team and colleagues
  7. RETURN you to your organisation with a clear action plan to take the business forward
  8. BROADEN your thinking and see the bigger picture
  9. FOCUS on the key areas that determine real business results and rewards
  10. MAKE it possible to exploit all of the marketing opportunities available to you and your business

Who Should Attend?

Who should attend?

The programme’s design is suitable for all existing and aspiring managers from any function or business sector. It offers a rare opportunity for executives to learn with colleagues whose experience will be drawn from a wide array of different sectors, including:

  • People who need a rapid executive summary of some of the latest thinking and concepts
  • Executives who want to improve their general management capability and explore what the high performers of today’s commercial world are thinking and doing and how their companies are succeeding
  • Time-poor senior managers who cannot afford the time demands of full or part-time MBA type programme
  • People who want to invest in their own intellectual capital and asset base
  • Executives who want to secure some valuable thinking time about their business away from the day-to-day crises and pressures
  • Managers who want to develop a wider business outlook and break out of any narrow functional perspective
  • Executives moving from technical or specialist areas into wider management/leadership roles

Programme at a glance...

Module one

My Personal Brand and Business Strategy

In this opening module you will initially reflect on the course ahead and your own personal leadership brand. This will help you focus on your own areas of strength and personal development. The session will then move on to explore some of the classic elements of strategic thinking and strategic analysis. You will learn about and then apply some classic strategic models to your own business and industry. The session is designed to help develop your strategic thinking and approach to business.

Module two

Leading and Driving Strategic Change in Organisations

During this session we will examine in detail some of the classic changes involved in implementing organizational change. You will gain a leadership perspective of some of the classic obstacles to be overcome in driving change and at the same time apply a practical toolkit of change management tools. The session will also look at a series of corporate change scenarios and case studies as well as asking you to reflect on your past, current and future organizational change challenges.

Module three

Financial Management and Accounting

This module is designed to help you understand the language of business finance. It will provide you with a clear understanding of the key financial indicators and terminology used. It is a very practical module that will build from little or no financial knowledge. The content will be immediately applicable in your business. It will be relevant and serious, but enjoyable!

Module four

Competitive Marketing

What is marketing?

Evaluating your company’s marketing efforts

The business benefits of using social media

What is changing?

Impact on society

Impact on business

Case studies – Best practice examples of businesses using social media

Social media demonstration

Presentation skills: How to sell yourself and your ideas to senior management

Continuing professional development

This course qualifies for the following CPD programmes:

  • Certificate

Bespoke training

We can customise this course to meet the requirements of your organisation. Contact us to discuss your training requirements.

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  • BigHand
  • Biomern Europe Ltd
  • Canon Europe Ltd
  • Cardinal Security Services Ltd
  • Cavanna Group Management Services
  • Covidien (UK) Commercial Ltd
  • EPC-UK plc
  • Healthspan Limited
  • IBC
  • Jungheinrich UK Ltd
  • Kardex Systems UK Ltd
  • Knowledgepool Group Ltd
  • Lindum Group
  • London Bridge Associates
  • London Bridge Associates Ltd
  • M3 (EU)
  • Medtronic International Trading S.a.r.l.
  • Newton Abbot Races Limited
  • Pioneer DJ Europe Ltd
  • Puig UK Ltd
  • Research and Markets
  • RTC Group Plc
  • SiRRAN Engineering Services
  • The Institute of the Motor Industry
  • TRUMPF Ltd
  • WEC
  • World First

Well timed, well presented and excellent venue

David Smith, Project Manager, London Bridge Associates Ltd

Mind altering!

Enda Casey, Project Manager, London Bridge Associates Ltd

Well timed, well presented and excellent venue.

David Smith, Project Manager, London Bridge Associates Ltd

All the presenters felt rushed

Michael Tyler, Service Director, Kardex Systems UK Ltd

All in all I enjoyed the whole course and the content kept me highly interested

john roche, Area Sales Manager, TRUMPF

Very informative and kept me interested

Chris Bone, Business Controller , Covidien (UK) Commercial Ltd

There is so muchIi have gained from this course thats going enable me to become a better all round manager. Yes there is a lot of information to take on board within such a short time, but the program was brilliant.

Joe Prestedge, Head of Energy, RTC Group plc

Very relaxed and enjoyable learning environment, well presented, well documented.

Antony Tearle, TruServices Sales Manager, Trumpf Ltd

Thoroughly enjoyed the course. Nice small group with plenty of opportunity to network. Well paced and with good focussed content. Will recommend to colleagues with an interest in doing anything similar.

Martyn Howarth, Server Infrastructure Team Leader, Berwin Leighton Paisner

Apart from the lack of time to apply models to my own business the course was well paced. The social media and personal presentation modules were zippy and added a lift to the traditional graveyard slot.

Katie Hutchins, Head of Business Intelligence, Healthspan Ltd

A very intense 4 days with a lot of information to digest. The course speakers did an excellent job ensuring delegates remained focussed and invested in the week. A special mention for Stephen Brookson who made finance interesting for the day!

Anthony Clarke, Head of Recruitment, ATA GSS

Overall, the course was truly excellent and I would recommend it to everyone.

Paul Whiteside, Quality and Compliance Manager, The Institute of the Motor Industry

The programme was delivered by very experienced presenters who had a complete understanding of the modules in which they specialize. More importantly, they were very aware of the current market forces and were able to relate to various situations.

Craig Bradbury, , Jungheinrich UK Ltd

Excellent course, mainly excellent presenters

Julie Wootton, Head of Human Resources, EPC-UK plc

The course was well presented, with knowledgeable, experienced speakers throughout. There was a lot of different content covered across the 4 days but it was all very useful and I'll be revisiting the notes over the next few weeks, to make use of the tools and techniques covered in the course.

Alan Lait, Development Director, SiRRAN

Excellent, useful to all business

Silvester Ibeh, Managing Director/CEO, Cardinal Security Services Ltd

Very good. If you are a newly appointed senior manager or aspiring to become senior, this course provides a good grounding in the skills you will undoubtedly need. The speakers were experts in their field and presented appropriately to the skill level of the assembled group.

Dave Terry, Associate, London Bridge Associates Ltd

This course was a fantastic learning experience. Excellent pace, excellent speakers who explained important business principles in a digestible manner, with tangible tools that can be applied in practice. For those wishing to expand their broader business knowledge, the Strategic and Finance modules are worth their weight in gold and came away from the course absolutely enlightened, with my knowledge significantly improved and having met a great group of people. It was, by far, the best course I have attended.

Emma Ellis, Product Manager, Medtronic Ltd.

Overall, the course was fantastic. The presentation were pitched very well to my needs, and there was plenty of time to get through such a vast number of topics. It didn't feel like it was being rushed. I don't know if I was just lucky but the other delegates were great people and I think many will be contacts for life.

Daisy Allington, Head of Communications, M3 (EU)