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Fulfilling the Role and Duties of the Company Director

As a Company Director, your responsibilities and legal obligations are critical - you owe it to yourself and your company to be adequately informed. Improve and update your knowledge in just 6 modules over 6 weeks.

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Course overview

As a company director, you’re in the firing line.

Your personal exposure is growing all the time. The maze of legislation is getting denser with the implementation of the Companies Act 2006 and incurring penalties is a real possibility. There are now over 200 offences under company law, which can lead to company directors being fined – in serious cases a custodial sentence can result. It’s the shareholders’ liability, which is limited, not the directors’.

Finding the time to stay properly up-to-speed must sometimes seem impossible. However, there is a sensible way to get-to-grips with what you need to know without making life intolerable. Falconbury have designed this course to give you expert, practical guidance on the duties, rights and obligations of this important role – all in just six modules.

What this distance learning course offers you:

1 FLEXIBILITY – learning at a pace and place of your own choosing
2 WELL-DESIGNED programme focused on practical relevance
3 MANAGEABLE weekly instalments and self-aid progress questions
4 NO NEED for time away from the office
5 REDUCED expenditure – no hotel or travel fees
6 ENJOY the flexibility of studying at work, home or on the move
7 ACCESS to professional advisors and authors of the course

This course will benefit you if:

  • You are a company director in any sort of organisation, small, medium or large
  • Or are part of the senior legal, accounting and administration support staff
  • Need to know what the law means and what you need to do
  • Want to minimise your risk of non-compliance with the law

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Course contributor

David Martin FCIS, FCIPD, FioD as a Director & Secretary of one of the top 250 listed PLC’s for nearly 10 years David was responsible for a range of disciplines – including personnel, property and insurance as well as statutory and legal requirements and corporate/internal communications (three of his annual reports won national awards). Following a takeover, he founded his own business consultancy – Buddenbrook – which this year celebrates 20 years in business. Buddenbrook Consultancy has carried out various projects for a range of clients, large and small. David is an employer’s representative for the panel of members for the Employment Tribunals and a member of one of the Registrar of Companies committees. He is a regular seminar/conference speaker and is author of around 40 books including two international best sellers Tough Talking and Manipulating Meetings. He is a series editor for the institute of Chartered Secretaries One Stop (OS) series.

Certificate of excellence

Upon course completion all participants are asked to complete a short questionnaire and then issued with a ‘General Certificate of Course Completion’.

You will also have an option to receive the advanced ‘Certificate of Excellence’. Participants are invited to undertake a final external assessment in the form of an online multiple-choice paper. A pass rate of 80% and above is required to ensure that a high level of competence has been achieved within the subject area and to receive this certificate. The final external assessment can be taken up to three time

Participants are required to achieve a pass rate of 80% and above to ensure that a high level of competence has been achieved within the subject area and to receive the advanced ‘Certificate of Excellence’. The final external assessment can be taken up to three times, thereafter the ‘General Certificate of Course Completion’ will be issued.

NB: The final external assessment is an optional appraisal and those participants not wishing to undertake it will automatically receive the ‘General Certificate of Completion’ for their personal development/training profile.

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Fulfilling the Role and Duties of the Company Director
Module 1 - General Principles
1. General Principles
2. Defining the nature of Directors and their role
3. The variety of types of Directors - and their responsibilities
4. Appointment and status
5. Clauses for LTD's articles
Module 2 - Board meetings and structure
1. Procedures for effective Board Meetings
2. A meeting’s two key players – The Chairman and Secretary
3. Preparation for and administration of Board Meetings
Module 3 - Auditors, AGMs and Shareholders
1. Access, Authorities and Auditors
2. Shareholders' Meetings
3. Shareholder communication
Module 4 - Leadership, Management and Corporate Governance
1. Leadership and Management
2. Directing now
3. The public image
Module 5 - Corporate Responsibility - Traps and Pitfalls
1. Liabilities and Protections
2. The Risk Business
3. Behaviour and Approach
4. Appendix
Module 6 - Employment Considerations - Finding your way through the maze
1. A Personal Viewpoint
2. Comparability and Consultation

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