Dealing With Difficult People

Dealing with difficult people. This meeting will cover discovering why people are difficult, recognising classic profiles of difficult people, pre-empting challenging situations and avoid escalation, enhancing your own attributes, developing your copying strategies

30 Sep 2019

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Course Overview

This one-day seminar is designed to help you deal with the difficult people in your working life – the people, particularly colleagues, who can be a minor irritant or make your working day a misery.

By the end of the course you will have:

  • Considered why people are difficult
  • Acquired hints and tips on how to deal with the dominators, the manipulators, the negatives and the obstacles
  • Analysed the attributes needed for dealing with difficult people and acquired some damage limitation strategies
  • Practised good questioning and listening techniques
  • Developed a plan to cope with your own difficult people

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This meeting runs back-to-back with Conflict Management and there is a further £100/€140 discount when booked together.

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Who should attend

Difficult people can be our colleagues, those we work for and those who work for us. This seminar is aimed at those at any level who are experiencing these problems in the workplace. It is designed for professionals who want to learn how to deal positively with the situation for their own good and that of their companies.

Programme at a glance...

Why are people difficult?

  • Understanding the reasons helps you to cope

Developing your personal coping plan
The domineering group

  • The dictator
  • The bully
  • The my-way menace
  • The put-down pro

That difficult meeting with the difficult colleague

Your own attributes – do you have the right approach?

The manipulators

  • The backstabbers and the troublemakers

Questioning techniques
The negatives

  • The complainer, the fault-finder and those who don’t want to know

The obstacles

  • The tight-lip who will not share information
  • The do-it-all delayer

Guided role-play – explore some difficult situations identified by course members
Damage limitation – some strategies for lessening your own stress
Focus on the problem – what are you going to do about it?


Geoff Marsh

Geoff Marsh is the Managing Director of Dansam Ltd, a training company that began in September 1999. As a trainer and presenter, Geoff has been involved with conferences, seminars and roadshows for organisations such as Air Miles, Regus, Robert Bosch Ltd, Wessex Water, Sun Microsystems, Scottish & Newcastle Breweries, London Underground, Forte Hotels, The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Councils (EPSRC), The Zoological Society Of London, Interserve Project Services Ltd, He has published several books including ‘A Sixty Minute Guide To Powerful Presentations’.

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30 Sep 2019
30 Sep 2019 Rembrandt Hotel, London GBP 599.00
EUR 839.00
USD 934.00
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GBP 499.00
EUR 699.00
USD 778.00
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I felt the course was good, I did feel that role play may have been beneficial during this day as it allows individuals to see the difference before and after. That aside I think the course was delivered well.

Shelle Easton, Intradco Brokerage Assistant, Intradco

the content, speed of content, and Geoff were great

Nick Jones, Associate Director , GW Pharmaceuticals

Great course, provides a lot of food for thought

Melissa Pollard, In-house Events Coordinator , Falconbury Ltd

Effective and engaging

Raffaella Focosi-Snyman, Pharmacovigilance HSO, Veterinary Medicines Directorate

Excellent in every aspect, I have recommended the course to my colleagues

Sarah Taylor, Associate, Poppleston Allen