Positive Persuading and Influencing Skills

A practical two-day In-house workshop for those who need to achieve results through personal influence.

In-house Training Services and Consultancy

How well people relate to others and use a wide range of techniques to influence them will decide the level of your organisations corporate success.

New management techniques focus on collaboration across boundaries, improved communication, negotiation skills, motivation and teamwork. In addition contemporary organisational life is changing from a fixed hierarchical approach to loose networking with a wide range of people from different disciplines and a variety of cultures. Furthermore, the common theme affecting most organisations is CHANGE and all that this implies: competition, increased economic upheaval, reorganisation, remote working, instability and potential conflict.

In order to achieve success in this climate, business people need three things:

1 Improved inter-dependent working across functions and even cultural boundaries
2 Increased self-awareness – how they come across to others
3 Great communication, self-projection and influencing skills

This In-house programme is aimed at helping individuals to improve in all of these areas in a concentrated workshop environment.

Who should attend?

This programme has been specifically designed for all those who need to raise their profile, make an impact, improve visibility and influence people to achieve business goals, especially

  • Department heads
  • Managers
  • Team leaders
  • Supervisors
  • Management assistants and PA’s

What are the objectives of this seminar

Running this training as an In-house will help your team:

  1. Understand and define behaviours, which lead to effective interpersonal communication at different levels inside and outside the organisation
  2. Get insights into human behaviour at work
  3. Identify some of the more challenging obstacles to effective communication in the organisation
  4. Learn how to prepare for one-to-one and one-to-group communication
  5. Develop a personal effectiveness ‘action plan’ for the future
  6. Acquire and practise communication skills which lead to improved relationships with customers, bosses, colleagues and subordinates
  7. Explore strategies for handling difficult people and situations
  8. Learn how to work with individuals from different functions and cultural backgrounds
  9. Explore techniques for working with individuals and teams in remote locations
  10. Record and evaluate progress and performance

Sample programme

  • Defining personal effectiveness (scene setting, terms of reference – behaviour and personality – group work and discussion)
  • Understanding the business climate and how this impacts on personal effectiveness

Behavioural influences (self-awareness)

  • Factors which influence human behaviour at home and at work
  • Family and parents – genetic, gender and generation influences
  • Culture and ethnicity
  • Understanding the difference between negative manipulation and influencing with integrity

Understanding the diverse forces which influence motivational response

  • Mindsets
  • Gender
  • Generation and age
  • Nationality and regionality
  • Behavioural styles
  • Leadership and management styles

Communication models that work

  • An introduction to EI (Emotional Intelligence) – EI self-mapping tools
  • How to read and interpret other peoples’ behaviour
  • Calibrating – pacing and/or leading – Neuro Linguistic Programming concepts and skills
  • Defining and distinguishing positive and negative behaviours
  • Examining and exploring passive, aggressive and assertive behaviour
  • Techniques for assertiveness
  • Analysing behaviour patterns – self-others using the people mapping and behavioural toolkit

Communication skills workshop

  • Developing communication strategies that work – The 4 Boxes Model
  • Planning communication: starting, maintaining and ending discussion
  • Techniques for involving others
  • Listening skills: theory and practice – open and closed questions, summarising and clarifying
  • Learning to: ‘say no’, handle criticism, express criticism, make requests
  • E-Persuasion and influencing – using IT tools such as email and teleconferencing to persuade and influence from a distance
  • Dealing with difficult customers, colleagues, bosses and staff
  • Managing conflict and aggressive behaviour – dealing with anything from veiled threats to abusive outbursts
  • Techniques for ‘self-projection’
  • Working with non-verbal communication
  • Managing conflict and stressful communication – response vs. reaction
  • Evaluating performance and planning for improvement – follow-up

Recommended trainer

Robert Hersowitz is a highly experienced trainer who has worked extensively with many organisations covering a wide spectrum of professions and disciplines. He has been involved with both private enterprise and the public sector, helping large and small scale organisations to radically improve their managerial effectiveness by helping individuals to acquire, transfer, refine, apply and build new skills and techniques in the workplace.

Continuing professional development

This course qualifies for the following CPD programmes:

  • Certificate

Bespoke training

We can customise this course to meet the requirements of your organisation. Contact us to discuss your training requirements.

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