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Employees are a company’s most valuable asset and the role of the HR function is to take responsibility for the management and allocation of this resource, ensuring that the needs and strategic objectives of the business are met.

Whether you are looking to recruit, get up to speed with the latest developments in the law or for guidance on latest best practice, we offer a wide range of HR training courses and events for Human Resources professionals that are presented both as public and in-house courses, in order to fulfil your (and your department’s) training needs.



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Essential HR Duties for People Managers


Handling Employment Law Issues


Very engaging

Nicola Paxman, Recruitment and Development Manager, Local Care Direct Ltd

Geoff is an excellent trainer who is able to adapt to his audience and is very knowledgeable...Excellent webinar - highly recommended

Samantha Archer, Head of Department, Care First Training

Very useful. [We were hoping to gain] awareness of the key elements of Bullying, Harassment, Discrimination and Victimisation legislation and practices. We achieved this very well thanks to Toni's flexibility in how the webinar was delivered.

Steve Forward, Director Aviation, The CHIRP Charitable Trust

Very good and insightful.

Joe Farrant, HR Business Partner, West Park Portfolio Service LLP

Good course that I think anybody that manage people should follow and be aware of.

Lorenzo Bianco, Consultant Civil Engineer - Hydrotechnical, SRK Consulting (UK) Limited

Jocelyn is a great speaker and did a great job presenting everything. I will definitely recommend to my colleagues

Sophia Akhtar, HR Assistant, BMS Group Limited

Will look out for further courses from Falconbury on the back of this one. Presentation slides and content were excellent.

Bethan Humphreys, HR Manager, SRK Consulting (UK) Limited

Relevant content to me; the presentation was spot on. Katie was engaging, knowledgeable and very pleasant.

Dawne Stephenson, Change Manager, London Fire Brigade

Really enjoyed it and found it thought provoking and helpful.

Tracy Dearing, HR Business Partner , Moat

Break-out rooms were useful and a good tool to use during training.

Michael Bull, Associate HR Business Partner, Knorr-Bremse Rail Systems (UK) Ltd