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Communication & Change Management


Building Self-Belief & Resilience Training Course

Building Self-Belief & Resilience

4 Feb 2022 - Online webinar
Also on: 13 Jun 2022

This interactive course, designed for those working in HR and will focus on what individuals can do to build and maintain their resilience. We will look at patterns, default behaviour, emotional reactions, and expectations, and offer practical do-able tools and techniques that will help you build resilience for yourself and others in your team

Presented by Nicole Eisele (bio)

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Clean Communication Training Course

Clean Communication

20 May 2022 - Online webinar
Also on: 9 Nov 2022

Throughout this programme you will learn how to use clean communication to convey your meaning and enhance your relationships, explore how to build rapport with others and understand how to clarify what others want of you. You'll acquire tips and hints for motivating others and practise your use of language to inspire action in others.

This is an interactive online course consisting of 2 x 90 minutes sessions.

Presented by Geoff Marsh (bio)

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Effective Communication Skills for Managers Training Course

Effective Communication Skills for Managers

28-29 Apr 2022 - Online webinar
Also on: 18 Jul 2022

In the evolving workplace, effective management communication has never been more important, to not only help maintain productivity, but also to enhance team dynamics and improve staff retention. This interactive 2 day workshop will examine the key principles of communication and help you to identify your own communication style and develop techniques to improve your communication with others. The course will cover key elements of communications in management including, motivation, goal setting, delegating and giving feedback. We will also discuss one of the most under-rated communication skills: Listening

Presented by Susan Croft (bio)

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Virtual Management Skills Training Course

Virtual Management Skills

25 May 2022 - London
Also on: 15 Aug 2022

Every manager wants to lead a group of high performing, productive and motivated professionals, who in turn want good working relationships with colleagues, co-workers and managers. But how can this best be achieved when working virtually and online most of the time...?
Examine the ways to overcome challenges in virtual communication, supervision, inclusion and accountability. The programme will be based on recent research and latest best practice on how to lead, direct and interact with your team virtually, including freelance and overseas staff

Presented by Graham Roberts-Phelps (bio)

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All perfectly captured. [Geoff] is very professional.

Nicole Fritz, Associate Consultant - Global Nutritional Health Regulatory , Elanco Austria GmbH

I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed learning about 1 statements and mirroring body language etc.

Louisa Dew, Regulatory Affairs Consultant, NDA Regulatory Science Ltd

Not overly jargon rich and carried out with enthusiasm.

Mark BennettDoy, Works Engineer, Pathway Intermediates Ltd

After recently moving up into a team leader this course was very helpful for me and has given me a great way to communicate with my colleges in a positive and productive way. Very informative.

Jack Edwards, Production Team Leader, Pathway Intermediates Ltd

Helped me a lot with my confidence and communication techniques.

Ben Blundell, Production Team Leader, Pathway Intermediates Ltd

10 out of 10 on all parts.

Ian Simmons, Deputy Site Production Leader, Pathway Intermediates Ltd

Very informative. Geoff: vast knowledge and a great speaker. Very friendly and easy to talk with.

Ben Blundell, Production Team Leader, Pathway Intermediates Ltd