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  • 22-23 Feb 2022 The Role and Responsibilities of the Contracts Manager
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Effective Commercial Management Skills


Arun has been great and engaging and made me feel comfortable in the room despite not having any legal background. I was intimidated slightly about the knowledge that will be on the course but Arun made us feel very comfortable during the whole course.

Andreea Pop, Commercial Manager, RTM Cash UK ltd

Great presentation style, engaging and informative.

Lorriane Brown, Contracts Coordinator, AGI Ltd

Excellent speed, positive vibe, good content, interactive approach. Catherine radiates her pleasure in dealing with contracts and knows her topic well. There is a genuine positive vibe to her story.. I feel the content provides a solid base to start expanding my role in contract management.

Patrick Helm, Sr. Associate Contract Management, Genmab B.V.

Excellent. [Arun is] clearly a very experienced and knowledgeable presenter. I really enjoyed his communication style which I found very engaging.

Adrian clark, Delivery Director, Atkins Ltd

I really enjoyed the session. It covered a great range of topics at a suitable level of detail for me.
Arun did a great job of engaging the whole group and giving fantastic examples to bring to life the content. He is clearly highly knowledgeable in the subject matter and was readily able to answer everyone's questions.

Henry Renninson, Commercial Manager, NTT DATA

The speaker was very animated and kept everyone interested. I wish more speakers were that interesting to listen to!

Tina Bishop, Commercial Officer, BAE Systems Applied Intelligence Ltd

The full content was very valuable. Everything very well organized, presented. Special thanks to the speaker who really made this online course very interactive and passionate.

Christelle ZOZOR, Contracts Manager, YARA SWITZERLAND LTD

Very good. [Arun is] very engaging and knowledgeable.

Hollie Burns, CFO, Drivetribe Limited

My objective was to be able to understand each section of a contract from a high level and engage in effective negotiations. I feel that this course has given me the knowledge required to achieve these objectives. The engagement and delivery was great.

Yash Chitale, iRefer Product Manager, Royal College of Radiologists

Arun is a very professional and interactive speaker. Excellent!!!!

Antonio José Sánchez García, Sales Manager, Navantia