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Commercial Law

Commercial agreements and contracts provide the foundation for businesses to operate and are fundamental to the success of a business. Without carefully constructed agreements, disputes and litigation are more likely. Whether you are looking to improve your drafting skills or simply keep abreast of the latest developments in international business law and best-practice, Falconbury offers a wide-range of courses for the in-house lawyer that are presented both as public and in-house courses, in order to fulfil all your (and your department’s) training needs.


Sample course outlines include:

  • Bite-size training: Bitcoin halving
  • Bite-size training: Copyright in letters

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Sample course outlines include:

  • 3-day Drafting Commercial Contracts
  • 4-day International Commercial Contracts School, Dubai

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Sample course outlines include:

  • Understanding and Managing Competition Law Compliance

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Sample course outlines include:

  • Advanced Purchasing
  • Business and Contract Law

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Sample course outlines include:

  • Drafting International Intellectual Property Agreements
  • International Intellectual Property Law

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Sample course outlines include:

  • Effectively Managing Legal Risk and Preserving Reputation
  • Managing and Leading an Effective In-House Legal Department

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The speaker brought a good energy to the course. He was able to keep the attention of the audience and involve the audience during the presentation. I particularly liked his drafting tips and tricks.

Issam Moustaine, Legal Counsel, TomTom

It was a very beneficial and interesting course and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Mark and his presentation skills were exemplary.

Elaine Kennerk, Senior Paralegal, Aspen Pharma Ireland

The speaker was very animated and kept everyone interested. I wish more speakers were that interesting to listen to!

Tina Bishop, Commercial Officer, BAE Systems Applied Intelligence Ltd

Really useful and enjoyable course. It went so fast as it was very interactive, interesting and relevant. Arun made the sessions really fun with lots of real examples which made the learning very relevant. Very memorable and a great teacher.

Georgia Macey, Commercial Manager, BAE Systems Applied Intelligence Ltd

It was very informative. The manual is a great reference with lots of sample clauses. The speaker was brilliant. She engaged everyone really well and made sure everyone understood contract law in simple plain language. She brought in a lot of examples which was excellent.

Abarna Sanjeev, Contracts Officer, Rockwell Collins UK Limited

Really good course, learnt a lot. The speaker was brilliant, really easy to follow and great at explanations. The exercises were very good and helped test our knowledge and see where we needed work.

Hayley Merry, Procurement Manager, County Broadband

This course was brilliant and covered all the key points. The speakers were highly knowledgeable and had practical insights and fresh perspectives on drafting issues and implications. Having multiple speakers allowed for a fresh and dynamic course, and increased the amount of information absorbed.

James Langston, Contracts Manager, AstraZeneca

An excellent presenter with good engagement techniques.

Ian Thorogood, Operations Director, Tenet Education Services Ltd

The speaker was a good communicator with good examples and you can tell she's worked in the 'real' world.

Adam Dziamarski, Commercial Manager, Clesse UK Ltd

I was hoping to achieve a better understanding of the terms of a contract and its associated risks. I think I achieved this and will apply the learning in my workplace. The speaker had good interaction with the group, presentation and delivery were clear with many examples of real-life cases.

Kassim Toorawa, Lead Contracts Officer, Advanced Electronics Company