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And, another year bites the dust!

In business, you are only as good as the next set of figures. You can’t be blasé about the future by looking back fondly on past successes. In this context, business managers are no different from football managers – the next game is what matters.

It’s been a tough couple of years, testing ingenuity, patience, resilience, fortitude, and perseverance. The level of risk as a major factor in...

A Boring Job

Anecdotal evidence is emerging of what is an unintended consequence of working from home.

Yes, folk are certainly enjoying the fact that they aren’t spending valuable time commuting and they seem to enjoy being able to move effortlessly from breakfast to desk in a few strides.

However, not going into the office means not having the chance to interact with colleagues/clients in face-to-face...

Are any ‘new’ management ideas actually new?

A phrase I hadn’t heard before has recently entered my purview – ‘hedonic adaptation’. This is the observed tendency of humans to quickly return to a relatively stable level of happiness after positive (or negative) events. But, of course, this concept has been known for a long time and another way of saying it is, ‘a change is as good as a rest’.

In a recently published book,...


The pundits were full of praise for the leadership skills of Gareth Southgate ahead of the Euro final. After it, nothing, nada, or, more appropriately perhaps in Italian, niente!

Did he go from being a great leader to a poor one because we lost on penalties? Just how ridiculous is that?

Is winning the only test of leadership in sport? And for that matter, is making a fat profit, incrementally...

A Personal MOT?

We actually look after our car better than we look after ourselves. Discuss.

Barrie Pearson and I – only slightly tongue-in-cheek – included in our recently republished book, Life-coach yourself to success*, an MOT form for self-completion. The idea behind it was simply that individuals should take a good look at themselves from time to time, and even consider doing a basic annual...


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