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China Watch

It is worth taking a moment to reflect on the thirty years since Tiananmen Square – the symbolic event which represents the crushing of opposition factions in China – to reflect on that country’s evolving economic position in the world.

How best to sum it up? Strategic planning and implementation at its best would perhaps be China’s own assessment. Long term world economic domination at its...

For Richer, for Poorer

I have followed the fortunes of Julian Richer (founder, owner and boss of Richer Sounds) since he started out in 1978. His story is to be admired because his achievement in commercial success is matched by his principled and ethical management style. Sadly, few business leaders can measure up to him in either capacity.

His latest move, to hand 60% of his business to his 522 employees –...

HR – find your voice

Many managers still hold a traditional view of HR as the “Personnel Department” who manages the administration of people, despite many attempts to raise the profile and numerous changes of job title.

Perhaps this is because as a profession we still don’t champion our own value. Having met and discussed this topic with hundreds of attendees at our programmes the stories of managers only...

Mental Health

The serious negative impact that stress and mental health has in schools, further education and the workplace is increasingly being recognised. Mental Health Awareness Week 2019 reflects society’s concerns.

Stating the obvious, what lies at the heart (or mind!) of such issues is the toll that mental health problems have on the individual.

In education and business, we need to address the...

From Silicon Valley with Love

News last week was that, for the latest Bond movie, the baddie is to be “a mysterious villain armed with dangerous new technology” and our hero is recruited to rescue a kidnapped scientist.

What can that mean? Will Daniel Craig be searching for someone like the head of Facebook, Apple, Google, Amazon, Tesla, Huawei, or such like, with the captive scientist writing algorithms to take over...


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