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Welcome 2020

We welcome 2020 in a new year spirit of optimism and I think we all would like to see a greater degree of confidence wash over our business endeavours (and seep into our private lives too, for that matter).

Are there reasons to be cheerful?

From the UK viewpoint, it is difficult to see how the removal of at least one layer of uncertainty, in other words, the formal withdrawal from the EU by...

Trends in HR

Ever vigilant, your blogger is discerning various strands in the ever-evolving role of HR.

Corporate purpose is now apparently top priority, with ethical considerations driving that change in the pecking order, making sure that making money for shareholders and maximising profits is no longer dominant. Organisations are being urged care about the ‘how’ as much as the ‘what’ aspect of...

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in the world of Marketing

Machine learning is where technology platforms learn by themselves to do something rather than being instructed. It can be used for applications like data-mining that is, examining large amounts of data to try and find previously undiscovered relationships within it. It can also be used for the recognition of images, language processing and advanced systems. Gaming is also a popular...

You in Your Small Corner and I in Mine

We must all do our bit to reduce damage to the environment. It behoves (great word, that) us to do so.

Leaving aside what we, as individuals can do to change our own personal behaviours, habits and domestic routines and priorities, we each need to ensure that the businesses we work in pursue sensible practices and processes.

I think that companies are getting better at reflecting our...

Making Plans

Business planning is never easy. It has always been educated guesswork at best, no matter how much it is dressed up as a sophisticated science based on close analysis of trends and markets and the use of the latest financial modelling and forecasting techniques.

And now, in businesses everywhere, 2020 budgets will be being stress-tested by beady-eyed accountants asking, ‘has Brexit been...


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