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Skills for the future?

The basic question in education and training is: how best to give individuals the skills they need in order to help themselves and society to develop?

Sathnam Sanghera in his piece for The Times (20th July 2018) addresses this with his usual insight and sagacity.

He is quite right to say that ‘politicians are pushing the sciences and maths at the expense of arts and humanities at the precise...

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How to Succeed in Business...

There have been, and always will be, many, many analyses of what makes each different person good at building a business. The trouble is, those doing the analysis try and look for pointers that could be replicated by others looking to achieve similar success.

The trouble is, it isn’t that easy. To even think that you can isolate the common denominators of commercial domination is an illusion...

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What is new in April for HR professionals?

Big news is that according to the Independent this morning around 1,500 organisations failed to report their gender pay gap data by the deadline of midnight on Wednesday, 4 April, according to the Equality and Human Rights Commission (ECHR). The ECHR said it will write to employers who have failed to produce the relevant information on 9 April and give them 28 days to report. If they fail to...

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Thorogood Publishing's link to The Beatles - more than a top tenuous one!

The obituary in The Times (9th March 2018) of Geoffrey Ellis, who was part of the Brian Epstein management set-up for The Beatles, mentions that he wrote a book about his experiences in the pop world and cleverly used a Beatles song for its title.

Although The Times did not mention us, I Should Have Known Better, as Geoffrey’s memoir was called, was in fact published by our company, Thorogood...

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The widening skills gap

‘Companies are facing skills shortages at critical levels that will restrain economic activity this year (2018) unless the issue is addressed.’

Thus spoke the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) in a survey, just published, of several thousand UK companies.

Most particularly, managerial and professional staff are the hardest to recruit.

Employers must do more to ensure that the widening gap...

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