Online training during Covid restrictions - our programes continue this spring in online webinar format

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The International Training Model

Even before the pandemic, Falconbury were known for offering industry-led training courses on a global scale, hosting in-house training in countries such as Finland, Sudan and the United States.

Due to our connections with global speakers, we were able to arrange for in-house training to be held at a business’s office-space, or a relevant venue, almost anywhere around the world. Our in-house...

The workplace

Whatever our point of view, the Oprah/Megan interview has challenged the way we view the UK Royal Family and will, no doubt, lead some to question the very existence of the UK Monarchy at all.

Covid-19 has had the same effect on our working life, in that it has forced us to examine the role of the office in today’s world of work.

As for the Royal Family above, the two questions that businesses...

Does your organisation suffer from an “Acceptance of the Ordinary”?

Despite its hugely destructive nature, the Covid pandemic is providing leaders with a unique opportunity to engage in powerful conversations with people at all levels of their organisations. It’s a once in a generation learning opportunity. A chance to challenge all aspects of our existing business models. A major reset button for leaders who want to rise to the challenge of reinventing...

How we’ve adapted our in-house service since the pandemic

Offering company and department-wide training packages for businesses has been a service that we’ve offered for over twenty years, allowing us to build fantastic relationships with industry-leading presenters and create engaging and impactful courses to suit multiple industries and job roles, whether through technically-driven content or soft skills training.

These training seminars have...

Commercial Contracts in the limelight, at last!

No matter how creative or innovative a business is, it has to be embedded in commercial concrete, so to speak, and a crucial part of that is formed by the contracts that underpin a company’s operations.

I’m now thinking Hollywood should come calling. Why?

I can see, maybe Gary Oldman playing a senior in-house lawyer charged with the responsibility of drafting the Astrazeneca vaccine contract...


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